Wanted: Conservative Texas Governor

A sign hangs outside the gate of the scorched Texas Governor’s Mansion, “Wanted… Conservative Texas Governor”. The 2010 Republican Primary Election is just around the corner and Texas needs a strong Conservative to lead her and our nation in the fight against sweeping waves of the socialism that are rolling in from Washington DC. Where do we find this Conservative candidate for Governor?

Currently two political powerhouses are slugging it out to try and win your vote; incumbent Governor Rick Perry and US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Both have state wide name recognition and well funded campaign juggernauts. But are they consistent Conservatives? Do they reflect your values? Have they consistently done the work of the Conservative Movement? Or, as some suggest on a regular basis, are they RINOs wearing the Republican name to don a cloak of conservatism that is not reflected in their actions? Let’s take a look…

In the 2006 race, Gov. Perry was perceived to be such a weak Conservative that several other candidates decided to try and unseat him. He came out strong on border security. He made lots of promises. He campaigned as the reincarnation of the “Marlboro Man” with his rhetoric of “If the federal government won’t secure the border, Texas will!” He made lots of promises to you and me. And then comes the election… He pulled in a massive 39% of the vote in the general election and squeezed out a victory of the wimpiest of margins. Within three weeks of his election he began to dance a little side-step that would have made Charles Durning (Governor, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) smile with pride as he turned his back on Conservatives and rescinded nearly every campaign promise on the issue of Border Security. The result, rising crime rates from criminal illegal aliens and a trail of dead Texas citizens and law enforcement officers.

Remember his dictatorial assault on the young girls of Texas with his “Executive Order” calling for our daughters entering the sixth grade (approximately 11-12 years of age) to be vaccinated with the Gardisil HPV vaccine against the will of their parents? Or, how about his support of the Trans-Texas Corridor despite the OVERWHELMING opposition from Conservative Republicans and Democrats across the state of Texas. Thankfully the Texas Legislature put a stop to both of these non-conservative boondoggles of Gov. Perry’s.

How about his attack on small businesses with the expanded “Gross Margins Franchise Tax” that forces some businesses to pay massively larger taxes than they had in the past regardless of profitability? The Texas economy is still relatively strong, but what impact has this reckless tax had on employment? What is Conservative about raising taxes on small business?

Then there is the senior Senator from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison. Certainly a lady of class and character who has served Texas well, but has she truly represented the views and needs of Conservatives? How many times have you called or written her office to ask for the Senator’s support of Conservative legislation only to be told “The Senator has not made up her mind on this issue yet”; or, you received a placating form letter months later explaining why she voted against your wishes?

While Conservatives fought the Bush Administration on the issue of Border Security and tried to get a fence built along our southern border, Sen. Hutchison pulled a “I voted for the fence before I voted against the funding for the fence before I voted for funding for the fence” move that could only have been learned from her DC colleague, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA). In the end, she introduced an amendment to put the determination of spending of the allocated fence funds solely in the hands of the Secretary of Homeland Security. How’s that for accountability?

Clearly, both of these candidates have done good work for the people of the greatest state in this nation. Yet, when the rubber meets the road on key Conservative issues, they have missed the mark leaving many voters in Texas searching for an alternative. Frequently I hear the same thing from grass roots Conservatives…

That is not good enough for the voters of Texas. Texas deserves a strong leader with true Conservative values, a leader who can take a leadership role, not only in Texas, but in leading our Conservative Movement as we fight to take back the leadership of our country.

Where do we find such a leader? Surely, it will take great courage to step up against these two Goliaths of Texas politics. Who can stand up to them and emerge victorious in the Primary Election and then go on to carry the General Election in 2010?

Former Wharton County GOP Chairwoman, Debra Medina, has stepped forward and thrown her hat in the ring. While lacking in statewide name recognition and strong funding, her Conservative statements and positions have captured the imagination and excitement of many in the grass roots of Texas politics. Can she build the momentum to force a run-off in the Primary, or even win it outright? It just could happen. What do you think?

Others have expressed a desire to draft another proven conservative, US Representative Ted Poe from the Texas 2nd Congressional District. There is no doubt of Poe’s Conservative credentials, his leadership ability or his passion for Texas. But… can he be convinced to risk everything for a run against Perry and Hutchison? Again... what do you think?

What will it take for Texans to get the kind of political leadership they want and need? Do we have the courage to vote for the candidate that supports our values as opposed to the one which "we think can win?” I certainly hope so. Let’s talk about it here. Let’s make a difference…


Medina still owes the RPT $21,000 in attorneys fees from her frivilous lawsuit.  You'd think she'd pay up before asking for a vote.



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