We Remembered in November

Throughout the past two years, we spoke. Tuesday, the electorate listened.

The efforts of conservatives, whether they belonged to the Republican Party, the Tea Party or were simply disgruntled independents, did not go unnoticed this year. Every rally, every Tea Party, every plea for help combating an increasingly socialist government was worth the grueling work. We showed Obama and his cronies who can do things the right way. We exercised our right as Americans to hold our government accountable. We warned the liberal administration we would fight back if fought against and we did.

As the results flooded in on election night, I was not alone in my content with what I saw on every election night map. Red states, red stripes. This is what happens when promises of hope and change are not fulfilled. Obama brought us change this week, but rather than change in the form of sharing the wealth, he brought us change in the form of sharing the senate and controlling the house once again.

We will gladly keep the change this time, Obama.

Americans are realizing that implementing conservative values are the hope and change we need in this country—not being told how to spend our livelihood and share the wealth.

Our own state has seen an incredible amount of liberal seats turned over to candidates who share the ideology that government intrusion, out-of-control spending and a spend then tax administration are not the way to go. Newly-elected congressmen Francisco Canseco and Bill Flores are concrete examples of what happens when liberal politicians outstay their welcome and stop listening to their constituents. Congratulations to these men for stepping up to the plate and taking on a valiant undertaking when our country needs them most!

Now, the challenge is ours. Do we take America's decisions on Tuesday as a vote of confidence for the Republican Party and allow our elected officials to continue politics as usual, resulting in another turnover of power during the 2012 election? Or do we step up to the plate and show this country conservative policies can reverse the hurt the past two years of liberal power have spawned?

As we did this election cycle, we must continue to hold our representatives accountable. We proved that the American government still belongs to we, the people, and by continuing our accountability efforts, we, the people can continue to affect positive change in Washington.


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