The White House Bows Down to Cornyn Pressure

Senator Cornyn recently wrote a letter to President Obama expressing his concern regarding The President's call for citizens to report “fishy” speech opposing the healthcare bill to the White House.

Well it look like Senator Cornyn's letter worked! The White House has disabled its "fishy" email monitoring program. Here is Senator Cornyn's reaction:

I'm glad the White House recognizes its own bad idea and has disabled their data collection program. They've finally come to their senses and acknowledged that this is compromising citizens' free speech rights by causing them to be concerned whether complaints will be compiled into some sort of enemies list.
Questions still remain about information that's already been collected over the past few weeks. I still would like to know what steps the White House taking to purge all names, email addresses and other personal information they have collected on private citizens as part of their data collection program.

We think that our friends, followers, and fellow Texas GOP Voters should INSIST that the White House purge all names collected (even those of us that reported ourselves!) and subject themselves to a third party audit, by a party to be named by a GOP Senator or other Republican representative, to review and verify all procedures that have been executed to securely purge these records. Furthermore, all White House staff and other individuals who have had access to the records or to computers or networks that can access the records shall sign a sworn statement saying that they have permanently destroyed all the records, whether electronic or written, and that these have been destroyed in a manner that cannot be reversed or recovered, as certified by a security professional, who shall be appointed by a GOP Senator or other Republican representative.

Despite this reversal from the White House, President Obama may be at it again. E-mails to the address originally set up by the White House to receive claims of "fishy" information now bounce back with the message: "The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service. We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via:"

Senator Cornyn has already had to remind President Obama of our Constitutional rights once- will he really have to do it again?!


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