Will Texas Pass a Worker Misclassification Prevention Bill in This Upcoming Legislative Session?

Worker misclassification is becoming more and more of a problem as underhanded hiring by some companies harms not just the underpaid workers, but also the employers who play by the rules. Employers who hire legal workers and abide by the laws are put at a disadvantage when their competitors hire illegal workers for cash. 

According to Construction Citizen, 26 states have signed Wage Theft and/or Worker Misclassification bills into law:

Two bills, The Fair Playing Field Act, introduced by Senator Kerry and a number of cosponsors last week, together with The Employee Misclassification Prevention Act will, when passed, crack down on those employers who do not pay overtime or who pay subminimum wages or misclassify workers as independent contractors when they are not.

Texas is gearing up for its 82nd Legislative Session, which will be starting January 11th. Will Texas join the other 26 states in passing misclassification prevention laws? Let's hope so! What better way to help fix illegal immigration than to reduce the incentive for workers to come here illegally?


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