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It's Bush's fault

Dear Undecided Voter...

Dear Undecided Voters,

Do you need a reason to vote for Mitt Romney? Pick one below.

The Economy. Benghazi. No Jobs. Solyndra. Debt. Blame Bush. Styrofoam Greek columns. Greece. More debt (than any administration in history). Benghazi. The Economy. Fast & Furious. Beer summit. Jive talk. Debate master. American deaths. Mexican deaths. Infant deaths. Bowing to other countries.

at Oct 31, 2012 8:44 AM

Miss Me Yet? - The Mood of America

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. ~Alexander Hamilton

Miss me Yet? Whether you miss Bush or not many have come to realize the destruction of America caused by the Obama administration. Obama has blamed Bush for all of America’s woes and tribulations. He continues to discount the fact that he voted for the first stimulus package, signed into law the unpopular Health Care Reform bill, wants badly to have Cap n Trade, ignited a bitter fight with Arizona over immigration, has done nothing about rising unemployment and the failing house market. He persists with his obsession for federal funding of abortion.

at Sep 9, 2010 10:19 AM

Israelis and Palestinians finally agree to waste everyone’s time

After over a year since both sides agreed to sit down and accomplish nothing, Israelis and Palestinians have finally hammered out a broad agreement in principle to hold talks and waste everyone’s time.

Hillary Clinton proudly announced that Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas would all sit down and talk about unresolved issues that will remain unresolved.   Read more »

at Aug 26, 2010 7:20 PM

After 19 Months In Office, It's Time Obama Takes Some Blame for Struggling Economy

Paul Gigot from The Wall Street Journal joins Fox News to discuss the state of our economy and who exactly is to blame. The Democrats are notorious for pinning all the blame on Bush, but after 19 months of Obama's presidency, it's time he accept some of the blame. Obama's policies have passed, and the country continues to go deeper and deeper into debt. In 2007, the deficit was $161 billion, while the 2011 projected deficit is $1.3 trillion.   Read more »

at Aug 15, 2010 5:48 PM

SNL's Version of the State of the Union Address

Saturday Night Live took on the State of the Union Address last night making fun of various topics such as the Democrats' reaction to the Scott Brown victory, Obama blaming everything on Bush, and health care reform.   Read more »

at Jan 31, 2010 1:06 PM

Key Excerpts From the State of the Union Address

Key excerpts from Obama's 2010 State of the Union Address:

We face big and difficult challenges. And what the American people hope – what they deserve – is for all of us, Democrats and Republicans, to work through our differences; to overcome the numbing weight of our politics. For while the people who sent us here have different backgrounds and different stories and different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the same. The aspirations they hold are shared.

at Jan 27, 2010 8:23 PM
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