2010 Midterm Elections

Recently Congressman Van Hollen (D-MD) said that the Democrats will be returning President Bush as a "boogeyman" in an attempt to tell voters that the Republican Party is no different than we were under Bush. For one I strongly disagree with this because after years of acting like Democrats, Republicans have realized that leftist policies are not good for elections, the economy, or the American people. The Republican party is making a serious attempt to return to the conservative roots that made the nation prosperous for so many years.

But more importantly, I think that Congressman Van Hollen's campaign strategy is more useful for Republicans than Democrats. The Democrats took the majorities in 2006 and by 2007 the housing market had busted and the economy began a downward spiral. The current recession has been handled by both a Republican and Democrat president, and the situation has not improved. So maybe the problem is the CONGRESS itself! 2010 is a Congressional election, relying on the misgivings of a former president is not a winning strategy; it is merely a way of not accepting responsibility. Congressman Van Hollen's comments really tell us a lot about the state of the Democrat Party right now, they realize that when you do not have a strong record of having created any lasting jobs or opportunities for Americans during their last 4 years in power you should revert to low-level attaks on a former president and ignore the fact that you have been asleep at the wheel and wasting legislative sessions chasing failed policies.

This recession was caused by the policies enacted by a Democratic Congress, this recession has been unnecessarily elongated by a Democratic Congress, and now it is time for the American people to wake up and elect a Republican Congress that will enact policies to encourage prosperity rather than dependency.


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