Dear Undecided Voter...

Dear Undecided Voters,

Do you need a reason to vote for Mitt Romney? Pick one below.

The Economy. Benghazi. No Jobs. Solyndra. Debt. Blame Bush. Styrofoam Greek columns. Greece. More debt (than any administration in history). Benghazi. The Economy. Fast & Furious. Beer summit. Jive talk. Debate master. American deaths. Mexican deaths. Infant deaths. Bowing to other countries. Apology tour. The Economy. Big Bird brought to you by the number $16,000,000,000,000. Booing God. Arab Spring. “Pock-ee-ston.” Endless vacations for them, (but “don’t go to Las Vegas” for us). Debt. Gasoline prices. Printing money. 25 personal assistants for Michelle. The Economy. 100 rounds of golf. The Economy. Spring Break to Mexico with 25 school friends. Reid. Pelosi. Obamacare. $716 Billion taken from Medicare. Raise more taxes. Multi-generational theft. Chris Matthews. Benghazi. Solyndra. Debt. Unemployment. QE1. Anti-Christian policies. The Economy. Death panels. Military cuts. Benghazi cover-up. Food Stamp President. Record poverty. Benghazi. Debt. Economy. Unemployment. No budget for FOUR YEARS to hide spending plans. Eric Holder. Disrespect to Netanyahu and Israel. We are not a Christian nation. QE2. Black unemployment. Obamacare by reconciliation. Fast and Furious cover up. Benghazi Betrayal, Denial, Sleep, Las Vegas, More Denial & More Fundraising. Stealing GM from bond holders. Bailouts. Bigger government. Bogus Nobel Peace Prize. Smallest Navy since before WW ONE. TSA scanners. No jobs. Ft Hood shooting is not terrorism. Extravagant vacations. Fast & Furious Nuclear Iran. Catholic church. Youth unemployment. Hillary. (Not so) “Shovel-ready” pay offs to donors and bundlers. Closed Republican GM dealerships. No Space Shuttle for Houston (yes, we do have a problem). Benghazi denials. Jeremiah Wright. Planned Parenthood. TSA pat-downs. Laughing Joe Biden. Shutting down coal power plants. Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium. Cut drilling permits. Keystone pipeline. Money to Brazil to drill. The US Economy. Frank Marshall Davis. Barney Frank. Rahm Emmanuel. Bill Ayers. The Chicago Way. Black Panthers in Philly. Money to Muslim brotherhood. Executive orders. NDAA. Czars. Partial birth abortions. Leading from behind. American decline. DOMA ignored illegally. After birth abortions. Largest tax hike in history. SEAL Team Six betrayal and helicopter ambush. Helicopter Ben Bernanke. “You can’t eat what you want.” Andrew Breitbart. ACORN. Joe the Plumber you must “spread the wealth.” “You didn’t build that.” Debt. Deficits. No budget. Reid. Pelosi. Community Organizers. TurboTax Tim Geithner. Fidel Castro. Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin. Electricity prices “must necessarily skyrocket”. Solyndra. “Tell Vladimir [Putin] I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” Cocaine. Pot. Illegal Immigration. Executive order Amnesty. Economy. Feds suing the states. Eric Holder. Kagan. Sotomayor. Van Jones. Valerie Jarrod. Suing states over Voter ID laws. Cheating. United Nations. UN poll watchers. Global warming scams. Records cover-up. Benghazi coverup. Fast and Furious coverup. “Most transparent administration in history.” “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Fast and Furious. Brian Terry. Benghazi. Chris Stevens. Sean Smith. Glen Doherty. Tyrone Woods. The Economy. The Country. Liberty.


A Decided Voter


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