Republicans and the Upcoming Election

The ongoing election leaves us all, at least the Patriots on the conservative end in somewhat of a quandary. Most importantly, where in the heck are we to put our precious and single vote. We get to choose our candidate to run against the current incumbent and we get to vote for the one of those two that we like best. It seems simple on the surface but in reality, it gets more and more complicated everyday.

Case in point being the fact that with every poll released, whether daily, weekly or monthly, the outcome is the same. Someone has surged ahead in the polls. Then there’s Ole’ Mitt Romney, coming in with 18 to 23 percent. It would seem that Ole’ Mitt is stuck there, in the very, very low 20 percent. With that outcome, it always seems the political pundits, whether GOP operatives or TV talking heads tell us the same thing.

We hear from the TV that, “So and So has leaped forward because of naw, naw, naw." And when they fall because of the coming onslaught against them, the real front runner, Ole’ Mitt Romney will end up being the Republican nominee.

To borrow from our recently departed leftwing liberal 60 Minutes friend Andy. “Did you every wonder why we have to go through this long drawn out process when the outcome is determined before it starts?” (Digression; I know, I know, a bad impersonation to be sure. And worse yet, for most of us on the right, it is still hard for us to believe that Uncle Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney were part of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy against the core values of the U.S. Constitution. But they were.)

Back to the point. Why is it, that with every poll, we are told that Mitt Romney is the front runner after every poll shows that only 18 to 20 percent favor him as the Republican nominee? Even those that we have come to trust, Charles Krauthammer and Rove, to name a couple, always seem to tell us that same thing.

It leaves one a bit perplexed doesn’t it? With all of the smarty pants telling us Mitt is the eventual nominee, why haven’t we gotten that yet. Maybe it is because we, as the uncontrollable bad children that we are, just do not want to be told “WHO” it is we are supposed to vote for. Could be, your humble correspondent doesn’t quite know for sure.

Maybe it really is because we just haven’t made up our minds yet. Maybe it is because they are all just too good to choose from. Maybe it is because we believe they are all able to beat Mr. Obama and it doesn’t matter which we choose. Maybe we don’t really believe in any of them and will just vote “R” on the big ticket. Or maybe, just maybe, and it pains me to think this, we believe that the final outcome is already fixed, and it doesn’t matter whom we decide on for the GOP nominee, Mr. Obama will win regardless of what we do.

The President made a recent statement that has been interpreted to mean that he has given up on the white working class of this nation and is going to pursue the others for support. We have to wonder what we, as the working class of all colors and creeds, are up against.

Let this intrepid reporter just say for the record. At the beginning the current dog and pony show, was a strong supporter of Ms. Bachmann. I almost completely agree with her on her Constitutional stand on the issues. That support for her waned away during the debates because of her seemingly constant “piling on” during the attacks against the other GOP candidates. In my own eyes, it came off as petty and unpresidential. That said, I still, truly like her as a person and as public servant.

Rick Santorum is one of two, true conservatives running in the field. The other being Ms. Bachmann. I truly find it hard to disagree with Rick on almost any point. Why then have I never actually thought of him as my candidate? In part, it is for the same reasons why I have trouble with Michele.

Now when it comes to Rick Perry, there is a record here in Texas that we have to go on. I am a strong supporter of the Governor. I like him personally and in his performance as Governor of Texas. There have been some things that bothered me about his decisions, but I take him at his word. Over the past few years, he has come to realize that our Republic is slipping away because of the bad people elected to office in D.C.

During the debates he has, for lack of a better word, sucked in his performance. He has not explained the things he has been attacked on. He has not shown his personality at all. He has come off as a combination of the Frankenstein monster and Crazy Jim from the old “Taxi” comedy show. He would gives us a wild eyed, “Ahh, hummm, I dunna know” answer all the while looking like the monster walking, arms straight, feet thumping on the cobble stones in a slow plodding manner. Any other time, he is excellent but during the debates, oh boy.

Ron Paul…Speaking of “oh boy”. What can be said about Dr. Ron. Let me ask, would any of you really want Dr. Ron as your doctor? I can get behind a number of his points but jeez, the others are…sorry…NUTS! Ron comes off as a combination of a wild 10 year old in bad need of his ADHD meds and a crazy homeless guy on the corner, underneath a bridge, down by the river, across the railroad tracks, wearing a “Da Wurold IS Gunna n’d 2nite” sign on his chest and screaming at the top of his lungs about the military using germ warfare against its own citizens and that they are all aliens taking over the planet. Can any of us picture him negotiating with other world leaders?

Jon Huntsman, well he is running.

Mr. Newt. I have always been a huge fan of Newt Gingrich. That being said, I also had some problems with his strict, Republican Establishment stance on just about everything. He always towed the party line when it came to picking other candidates, even when taking a very liberal candidate against a strong conservative. I had problems with that as I am sure you have as well.

Newt has always been the smart guy in the room, even to his disservice. But he is Newt. I like Mr. Newt. I am willing to take him at his word now that his conversion to Christianity and his becoming a Grandfather have made him make a turn toward the conservative dark side. Works for me. We have to believe in something and those two issues are two that would do it for me.

Gov. Mitt Romney. Just like in the polls, we always end up with Mitt don’t we? Where do we start with Mitt? Mitt is one of those politicians, motivational speakers, or TV Preachers, or car salesman that when you are listening to them, you get a bit excited and think to yourself, “Yeah, that’s right, your're right Mitt”. But, as you step back and think, you wonder, “What is that uneasy feeling I feel about him?” Come on, you know you feel it too.

What is it about Gov. Romney that makes only 18 to 25% of us back him as our Presidential Candidate? Beats me.

Could it be his past record, mandated inclusion to government healthcare, his support for cap and trade, his belief in man made global warming, or could it just come down to the fact that he wears his hair like, Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Evangelist and pervert Jim Baker or every used car salesman we’ve every seen.


Mr. Bowers, I write in response to your paragraph that " Newt has always been the smart guy in the room, even to his disservice. . . . I am willing to take him at his word now that his conversion to Christianity and his becoming a Grandfather have made him make a turn toward the conservative dark side. Works for me. We have to believe in something and those two issues are two that would do it for me. "                                   With great respect for your opinion, that is precisely why the Republicans (and conservatives) have turned into a fast food movement, supersizing their appetite with sound bite big macs and french fries. What has this produced? The definition of a conservative is nothing more than one who holds the line in the place where the last liberal moved it. It's why we take one step forward and two steps back.                                                                                                                                       If Newt were truly practicing his Christian ideals, he would say in a campaign speech, "Let your yays be yays and your nays, nays...I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and I will not say yay to anything that is unconstitutional. But, despite his "conversion" he still supports things like federalized health care.
                         In short, there are plenty of ideas, good ones. But the real question is which candidate understands that his first duty is to determine whether the government has the power to act on an idea before determining whether the idea is good or bad. The best indicator of that type of conservative is a track record. 

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