What Happened to Honesty?

It is unfortunate that as election day draws near, Jessica Puente Bradshaw's campaign and supporters have resorted to misusing my words and intentionally misleading voters! This story has appeared in several places and uses my view of the TX-34 race to make her look good. They do this very carefully and intentionally skip over the most important parts of the post. I cannot believe that this candidate is trying to cover up one lie with another!

Bradshaw's campaign post: http://www.fontcraft.com/broadside/?p=666037

The full and original post that was later intentionally misconstrued to lie to voters: http://texasgopvote.com/regions/texas/experience-matters-004309

There is no way to know whether any specific candidate knowingly influenced the blogger who posted the false post, but this candidate has definitely been fostering an environment that is bad for the Republican Party in South Texas. This site and many of its bloggers have been verbally attacked online by Bradshaw’s supporters and the candidate herself. It is clear she has a disdain for those who support the only electable conservative in this race with a real chance at winning in November - Adela Garza.

Yes, the fact that two Hispanic women who were born in Mexico are in a Republican runoff destroys the liberal dream that Latinos are monolithic...but only one of these candidates actually stands a chance at winning, that candidate is Adela Garza!

Honesty and transparency in politics begin with the candidates. It is clear that Adela Garza is the only honest conservative in this race, as she is the only candidate to openly and transparently file her fundraising reports on time. Additionally, neither Adela nor her campaign have started immature rumors in this race or personally attacked other supporters online or at the polling booth.



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