Send in the clowns. Don’t bother they're here.

It’s time to take a look toward a friend of all conservatives, CNN’s own Wolf Blitzer. Well, okay, maybe he is not a friend of conservatives. We know that those media types that have even the slightest right lean, end up at Fox after leaving CNN. But in this instance, the Wolfster may just prove to be our friend and reluctant ally.

Wolf had his guest on and they engaged in his normal question and answer session with each other. They began their exchange like this.

BLITZER: As you know, the last time we spoke, you were very critical of president Bush and the war in Iraq, the worst president I'm paraphrasing right now ever in terms of his policies and as far as Iraq is concerned…
GUEST: I'm certainly not a big fan of President Bush. He's done a terrible job…
BLITZER: Because I know you're a big fan of Hillary Clinton. If she would have been Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate, you think you would have supported that ticket?
GUEST: I think it would have been a very hard person and group to beat. I won't speculate because … Hillary's a great friend.

And on another interview during the last Presidential primaries. BLITZER: ..he thinks Hillary will get the nomination…
GUEST: I think she will be. I know her very well and she’s very talented and she has a husband that also liked very much.
BLITZER: President Bush…thinks Republicans will win the election…what do you think?
GUEST: Well I know the whole thing is about him. He’s been so bad that I think a Democrat has a huge advantage. Now…a Democratic candidate…has a huge advantage because of Bush. People don’t like him, people think he has been a horrible President. Possibly the worst in the history of this country.
BLITZER: You believe that?
GUEST: Oh he’s been a terrible President.
BLITZER: You think he’s the worst in the history of the United States?
GUEST: I don’t think you can get much worse, why, I mean, who’s worse, give me a couple of names. Who could be worse?
BLITZER: …you said he was the worst…
GUEST: Well. At least I’m consistent.
BLITZER:…the reason you think he’s the worst is?
GUEST: Just look at this country, we’ve gone from …respected power all over the world to a laughing stock…the United States has come down a long way…we’re not respected. The war in Iraq has been a total catastrophe…hundreds of billions of dollars…brave men and women come back with no arms or legs or face…The whole thing has been a big lie.

The whole thing about reading 60 books a year. Do you think he reads 60 books a year? I don’t think so.

Originally, this article went on to quote the GUEST and everything good he has said about Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the UN and Hillary Clinton. It also included lots of hate filled rhetoric about former President George W. Bush and praises John Kerry, but it became boring.

The GUEST as should be obvious by now is Donald Trump. This man is an ingrate of the worst sort. This man only cares about “The Donald” and nothing else. He now calls himself a conservative. He now refers to himself as a Christian. He now thinks the Tea Party people are “his” people. Come on Tea Party conservatives; don’t be duped by this charlatan. Let’s put it this way, did any of you great Americans out there ever once think of him as a good conservative, Tea Party loving, Christian? Anybody? Anyone else? You there in the back, what about you, did you think so? I didn’t think so.

This man is nothing but an opportunist in the worst sense. He can see a chance to promote “The Donald” and that is all he cares about. In the past, we have ragged on Senators McCain, Graham and the liberals from Maine but this, “candidate” (if that doesn’t make you want to wash your mouth out, nothing will) would be the turn coat of our Republic’s history.

He is a guest on all of the conservative radio shows and even FOX News and he spews his tripe. Can you just imagine how the mainstream media is going to attack this man if he actually makes it as the GOP candidate?

Please, please fellow conservatives, go back through your memories and try and think of one that had to do with this man that had anything to do with decency. Think of any that had to do with honor, or duty, or even the slightest part of good graces. This man is a show for sure. He is someone that can make you laugh or cringe but he is not worthy of your support and he is damned sure unworthy of the office of President of the United States.

I don’t find it amazing that this clown is in the news for his so called wanting to be President. What I find utterly amazing is that conservatives, Tea Party conservatives even, are buying into this wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is nothing except a spoiler. He is a spoiler for you, the Tea Party, the Republican Party and America. Can you really imagine a Republican version of Wild Bill Clinton in the office? Harsh you say, really, ask any of his ex-wives or business partners or maybe Vera Coking.

Quoting the Mark Levin Show, “Vera Coking, an elderly widow from Atlantic City, knows firsthand the power of unaccountable government agencies. The Institute for Justice successfully defended Vera against the condemnation of her home by a State agency that sought to take her property and transfer it—at a bargain-basement price—to another private individual: Donald Trump. Trump convinced the State agency to use its “eminent domain” power to take Vera’s home so he could construct a limousine parking lot for his customers—hardly a public purpose.”

Trump also said this;
Trump in 2007: No President can be worse than Bush
Trump in 2007: I don’t understand how the Dems lost the 2004 election
Trump in 2008: Bush should be impeached; I’m impressed with Pelosi.
Trump also praised Nancy Pelosi in a personal note as "the best" when she was sworn in as House Speaker in January 2007, Politico reports.

Trump confirmed he wrote the note, but said it was "because I want her to do great, and I want this country to be great, and I didn't want her to fail as Speaker. And I like her." There’s; $50,000 donation to Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign in Chicago.

And then; Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), who was censured last year by his U.S. House colleagues, has received the most Trump money, totaling $24,750. The most recent contribution from Trump to Rangel was a $10,000 gift during the 2006 election cycle.

And to end this, there’s Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) who has received the fourth-largest amount of Trump’s contributions, including $4,800 in the successful 2010 campaign against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle. In total Trump has contributed $10,400 to Reid.

However, of the nearly $420,000 Trump has donated to committees, the largest recipient has been the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with $116,000 — or more than one fourth of his total contributions to all party and political action committees.

We understand a business man has to donate to both sides. We all get that. But this man, Donald Trump has no loyalty to any side but his backside. He covers it well but he has been showing his backside lately.

A personal note here. I believe that his whole reason for getting into this election cycle is to give Obama another victory and keep him as President for an additional 4 years. This isn’t some conspiracy theory but a clear eyed look at the man who would be President. He is only in it for himself my fellow Patriots. Turn your back on him now, before it is too late and the GOP has been split and we are stuck with B. Hussein Obama for 4 more years. Let’s unite together behind a real candidate. Unite behind a real conservative that cares about the same things that you do. Please.


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Good article and simply reinforces my thoughts that donald duck trump is a snake and definitely next to BO the most unqualified candidate I can think of.  I hope people read, comprehend and talk it up as Trump would most definitely be a horrible mistake.

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