All About Sarah, The More The MSM Trashes Sarah The More We Love Her!

Our family has been blessed with an opportunity to showcase all that is good and strong and free about our exceptional nation. 
- Sarah Palin comments on her Bus Tour

MSNBC Host, Martin Bashir, Cites Non-Existent Law To Attack Palin

The more the MSM trashes Sarah Palin the stronger she seems to emerge and the more we seem to love and admire her. If Obama can claim to visit 57 states during his presidential campaign then Sarah can misspeak on Paul Revere, if in fact she did. The mantra I am sick and tired of hearing coming from the MSM is, ‘Sarah is sooooo polarizing’. What, Obama isn’t? MSNBC has dedicated their broadcasts to ‘all about Sarah’. TV hosts, Lawrence O’Donnell, Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews and even Joe Scarborough are totally fascinated by her as she seems to be the main topic of their programming. Besides it’s the best place to go slumming or the best place to laugh out loud. These Liberals love to hate Sarah. Bashir claims that Sarah ‘drapes’ herself with the ‘Stars and Strips’ and that her use of the American flag was unlawful. His whining was a direct attack on Sarah’s One Nation Bus Tour. Where was this, Bashir, on Obama’s inaugural day? Did he not notice how Obama’s face was on everything and anything? In fact, Obama not only ‘drapes’ himself in the American flag when it’s convenient for him but he surrounds himself with great Republicans craving their greatness. Take a look at the photograph depicting Obama with Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

Socialist/Democrat Congressman Earl Blumenauer went ballistic claiming that Sarah was given ‘special’ favors as a ‘celebrity’ by the park services during her recent bus tour. He even went so far as to write a letter on official letterhead to Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service requesting a written explanation on park policies. More taxpayer money misspent. A better use of his time and energy would be to ask why the purchase of limos has increased by 73 percent in the last two years in the Obama Administration or why did the taxpayers shell out about $24,000 for Obama to wine and dine Michelle on their ‘first date’ to NYC after he became president. Or maybe he should ask why the Obama’s go on so many ‘vacations’ on taxpayer money…or question his ‘entourage’ on his many so called presidential political trips.

It just doesn’t stop. The Alaskan government released over 24,000 emails during Sarah’s tenure as Governor and you guessed it MSNBC has posted them on line. Check them out. I am sure that to the MSM’s chagrin they just can not find anything to charge her with. Will the MSM ever stop harassing Sarah? I sincerely doubt it. Politico has even dared comment that, “But it's also a reminder that four years ago, Palin had yet to step into the conservative media universe she now dominates.” This comment is in reference to the National Review information one of her staff members was emailing to her. Understandably, if you don’t read National Review you just can’t be president. Persecuting Sarah has become the world’s journalists and Liberals right of passage to Progressiveville or just maybe into their ‘world of idiocy’. Why are journalists so intent in knowing or finding out something, anything they believe might be nefarious about Sarah’s intentions while doing absolutely nothing about Obama. It is obvious that Sarah brings in the money necessary to sustain the MSM. Besides, Obama can eloquently trash himself and of course the MSM dutifully cleans up after him. Obama’s own personal pooper scoopers!

Sarah could very well be our next president if she decides to enter the race. I have no clue if she will or will not run. Right now she is sitting on top of the world following her harsh and nasty initiation by the MSM. It could be that all she is doing is ‘stringing’ them along and enjoying it. Who else can taunt, engage and lead the MSM like Sarah!

§ 3. Use of flag for advertising purposes; mutilation of flag US FLAG CODE


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