America On The Brink - Sen. Gregg: Financial Reform Bill A 'Disaster'

This financial bill was just one more dump truck of dirt into the grave of the American system. The truth is today, that there are two questions:

  1. Can a system of American liberty and vitality be repaired? It’s possible, but it’s a big job that involves a lot of discomfort and determination and would provoke a lot of clamor. 
  2. Even if Republicans regain control of both houses of Congress, will they have the guts and steel to implement it? A) That kind of resolve has never been shown in 150 years. But B) There has never been a predicament like this one in that time. We are at the cumulative end of 100 years of increasing folly. Over the past century, the government has often taken measures that constrained America’s potential and would add up to problems, later. Later is HERE! And Democrats are a one(bad)-trick pony with no idea what to do differently. Republicans will have to tell America that it’s going to be messy cleaning up, and then clench their teeth and march into the storm. Democrats would call them everything but(?) child molesters. I won’t bet that they can pull it off, but America is at stake. Drastic times call for drastic measures.



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