Is America Headed For Perpetual War?

When will we end our policy of intervention in foreign affairs?

First we went into Afghanistan searching for the 911 perpetrator Osama Bin Laden. Even though we have never found Osama, for awhile the Taliban was subdued until we all of a sudden entered Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein, who allegedly had weapons of mass destruction. Even though no WMDs were found, we removed Saddam from power much to the delight of Iran. Now Iran is a threat with reports of nuclear weapon capabilities. Ten years of loss of American lives is enough for a people who do not understand liberty nor will be able to keep what democratic process has been achieved once we leave.

Now the Taliban insurgents are on the march again in Afghanistan with the help of the corrupt Karzai regime, and American lives are once again being lost there. Yet, American dollars are still supporting Karzai.

And, who knows where we stand with Pakistan despite the billions of American taxpayer dollars that have been poured into Pakistan. Now all hell is breaking loose in the Middle East with rebel uprisings against entrenched dictators in Libya, Yemen and Syria.

Mccain, Lieberman And Obama Are Urging Greater Involvement Where We Do Not Belong

America has mistakenly followed the Obama-generated United Nations call to put down Gaddafi with air strikes to aid the rebels, who may not be friendly toward the United States when all is said and done (if it is ever all said and done!) NATO is a joke! The United States is in charge of NATO and U.S. tax dollars are being spent to put down civil uprisings that are of no direct threat to our national security. As a matter of fact, our involvement in all of these Middle East conflicts could ultimately prove to be a big threat to our national security. Senators McCain and Lieberman and President Obama who are calling for more U.S. aid in helping the Muslim insurgents all over the Middle East are bleeding the American taxpayers and military dry for what I consider to be unconstitutional wars with no planned or known satisfactory results.

In the words of a country song about gambling--“You gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.” I say it is time to bring our troops home and let the chips fall where they may. There is no honor in remaining in a fight that produces no favorable results for America. Our military is spread too thin and our financial resources are rapidly being depleted. Whatever happened to the cry for “America First?”

If we continue on the downward course of the “Nation Building” and interventionist and pre-emption policy instituted by George W. Bush, we can kiss America as we have known it goodbye! Let’s stop it now!


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