America Under Seige

“Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up.” - Galatians 6:9

AMERICA is under siege make no mistake about that! Our own government has declared outright war with the American people on many fronts. The Obama administration has declared War on Christianity. Obama has taken arms and declared open season on the unborn child. The administration is bound and determined that our children be indoctrinated in the ways of homosexuality by allowing curriculum in schools. Bet you did not know that high schools have lesbian and gay clubs included with the dance club, photography club, etc. The crazed Harry Reid has added to repeal the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ military policy to the defense bill even though the military report on the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is not complete. These are direct attacks on our conservative values allowing secularism to flourish.

The Obama administration has declared War on our economy by taking control of our banks, car manufacturing, Wall Street, and the housing market. What may be even worse Obama is making sure that there is a class war among the lower, middle and upper classes. Obama has taken it upon himself to take over our health care, our very lives, with the passing of the Health Care bill. Americans are losing jobs, all the while Obama speaks directly and distinctively to the TV audience about how many jobs he has ‘saved’. Our economy is about to plummet in 2011 if the Obama administration raises taxes on those making $250,000 or more. We are on the edge of bankruptcy and he continues to ram his spending agenda forward.

We are being invaded on the Southern border and Obama refuses to do anything about securing the safety of our citizens. He has sided with the Mexican Presidente Felipe Calderon against our own Arizona governor Jan Brewer. Did you read that Calderon is blaming America for the battles lost long ago by the Mexican army? To this I say ‘REMEMBER THE ALAMO’! Obama in his quest for president wants the illegals to enter, providing of course that they vote for him in 2012. If Reid gets his way the Dream Act will pass right along with the defense bill before the fall recess. Texans can hear the fighting across the border and have to duck the bullets or be killed. Arizonians have to stay out of their public parks allowing illegals clear passage. In the very liberal state of California the Mexican Consulate sets up shop at Independent School Districts passing Consular ID cards to illegals. Mexico wants to know exactly where their citizens are! These mobile stations come on California’s school property paid for by American taxpayers for the purpose of educating American children.

New York is battling its own War with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Islamic Center wants to plant themselves about 500 steps from the Ground Zero Memorial and Bloomberg together with the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf calls this intrusive act ‘healing’. If the Ground Zero Mosque is built we will have lost the cold war with the Islamic terrorists who want to bring Sharia law to our land. American women are at risk and the Socialists/Democrats bend over backwards to appease members of this ‘religion of peace’.

We are under attack and dictatorship is just around the corner. Do you want to wait or do you want to stand up and fight? NOW, TODAY VOLUNTEER TO SUPPORT YOUR CONSERVATIVE/REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE OF CHOICE…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!???


Reid's DREAM Rider

Politics: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has hit a new low by slipping an amnesty plan for illegal immigrants into a defense funding bill. In effect, he's holding U.S. troops hostage to advance his own political career. 

Justice Department sues over Arizona immigration law

By JOSH GERSTEIN | 7/6/10 2:18 PM EDT

The federal government filed a lawsuit Tuesday aimed at blocking a controversial Arizona law that requires local police and sheriffs to question and arrest anyone whom they suspect is in the country illegally.

Minutemen press on against Mexican ID cards, mobile consulates 10:02 PM PDT on Thursday, May 8, 2008


The Press-Enterprise

Anti-illegal-immigration activists are especially irked that the consulates use the mobile units to issue matriculas consulares, which are identification cards that the Mexican government has been distributing to its expatriates since the 1870s.
Edwin Smith, a professor of law and international relations at USC and an expert in international law, said consular officials are permitted to travel throughout their host countries to serve their citizens. They do not need U.S. government approval, he said.
Smith said the Mexican consulates violate no U.S. or international law by issuing matriculas.
"Their job is to service their nationals, wherever they are and whether they are illegal immigrants or not," Smith said.
Calvert said he has no problem with Mexican consular officials going off-site to help their citizens obtain Mexican passports or access most other services. But Calvert said he would consider introducing a bill barring federally funded institutions from hosting consular visits at which the matricula is issued.
Taxpayer money should not be used to facilitate illegal immigration, Calvert said by phone.


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15 Million Americans has no job, many homes in foreclosure and we want to strain our economy even more by giving citizenship rights of education? Our own kids cannot get into college, let alone find a job in any school break. There are three other things to be taken into consideration, which is not revealed by Sen. Reid, the author of this bill. The Senate DREAM ACT allows you to claim--AMNESTY--up to 35 years old! An illegal alien can get this amnesty even if he didn't arrive in the U.S. until the age of 15. The bill is written so that the 2, 3 or 4 million illegal-alien applicants only have to CLAIM to meet the condition. They don't have to PROVE anything. THE DREAM ACT leaves intact the chain migration system that will allow these 2.1 million illegal aliens to eventually send for millions more relatives. Before you even think that THE DREAM ACT should be made law, read for yourself the facts?

Not the trashy rhetoric of liberal PR firms or Liberal Democrats like Sen. Reid and his posse of fringe groups. By all means let Sen. Reid recruit foreign nationals for military service as an attachment to the War bill, then once they have served a citizenship certificate. But definitely not a "De Facto" amnesty without joining the military and campaigning for the US. Sen. Reid is not a friend of the--TRUE LEGAL--American worker, as you can judge by his actions. He nearly killed E-Verify, a computer program that reduces illegal labor by using--ATTRITION. Very low cost compared to the 8.5 million illegal workers, appropriating jobs here. The Tea Party, Independents is not prejudiced against any person for their race, creed or religion. We are--ALL--Americans who believe in a common cause? Before you read anything about the Dream Act bill, you should investigate the reality of the whole issue and then decide? The Dream Act---is not what it seems? NumbersUSA will answer your questions or call your or your Senator, Congressman in Washington  at 202-224-3121 to stop this travesty of our laws or the US Constitution.
Finally, not much has been publicized about hearings of Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, and ranking member of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands. In a letter he stressed to the chairman, we must give access to the US Border patrol to open wilderness areas inside our border. Right now there are insensible laws, where federal agents cannot venture on public lands, but have overall mandatory access to private property. Criminal aliens make incursions on to  federal lands along the southern border for drug and human trafficking, but the Border agents have limited access, While Border hearings are unlikely to happen with Democrats in charge, if  Republicans take control of the House in November, this will be more likely to be one of their first orders of business.

Environmentalists’ insist that Border agent vehicles do tremendous environmental damage to sensitive federal wilderness areas. But little is said about the miles of human garbage, left by illegal aliens in their activity along the dangerous border region.

We have to stop this chaos!  Let's put God first in our lives.  He has promised to never leave us, not forsake us!  Great article Sonja!


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