America's Future?

This is a sample of the video available on the web of Wednesday’s demonstrations in Europe over the austerity measures imposed by the European Union of the common currency that will have to bail out other failures like Greece.

Currently, The United States is plunging toward insolvent states that are steeped in entitlement dependency like these European countries; populations that cannot reconcile themselves with reality. It still seems to me that observers and established politicians have not fully embraced the depth of the problem our nation is in; the scarcely fathomable enormity of the debt and the unmanageable size and urgency of unfunded entitlement liabilities. Finally THIS year, Social Security will disburse more funds than it takes in. And what has been taken in over the years was entirely spent along with everything else. Even if a new Republican majority can control spending and increase economic growth somewhat, they will never pay our debt or resolve these unfunded liabilities. People won’t like the hard choices that must be made, and even when they are made, our creditors will have to ride with us for a while. If we default, our credit rating is dropped, or a hyper-inflation sets in, there will be a lot of pain. But if we are to swim through these rapids, we will need a new breed of resolute representatives.

Look at the Republican US Senate candidates below. The first two lines are Tea Party supported candidates which except for Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire upset Republican establishment supported candidates. But Ayotte is the current state Attorney General who was also endorsed by Sarah Palin and is a solid conservative. Christine O’Donnell of DE has the toughest job in deep blue Delaware, but in a week she has closed the polling gap from 15 to 9 points. It is plain that the public across the country would like to vote other than Democrat, and if she can warmly and directly communicate that her opponent supports the Democrat agenda and she does not, I think O’Donnell can win, smears of her notwithstanding. Angle is in a statistical dead heat in Nevada with Harry Reid who can’t break 45% (not good for an incumbent) I think Reid’s only shot is if he can scare enough voters to Nevada’s “None of the Above” option by sliming Angle big time, which I’m sure he will try to do. Ayotte, Paul, Lee, and Millerm who particularly impresses me, pose holds of Republican seats in open races, but the others would be pick-ups of Democrat seats. Besides O’Donnell, Fiorina, Rossi and Angle in a roughly dead heat, the rest of these are leading in the polls. The reason I set the top 2 lines apart is because these present an unprecedentedly powerful block that, especially if they band together, will both resist and stop the government expansion and actually work to reverse the trend and empower the states and the people. Even if Democrats retain a narrow control, any few of these will guarantee the stoppage of further Democrat expansion of government.

The second half, except for Carly Fiorina in California,  are more establishment Republicans with political experience. As of now, Fiorina is considered a better shot to win than O’Donnell, but Fiorina has slid in the polls while O’Donnell has gained, and California is even more other-worldly than Delaware. If riots such as those in Europe arrive in the United States, which I consider a real possibility, they will probably begin in California. But, the others have strong potential to win, Hoeven, Coats, and Boozman are considered locks and Toomey is pulling away. If there is a forceful conservative move, only Illinois’ Kirk would be a question. Ten pick-ups are needed for Republican control of The Senate. Large Democrat losses are expected, probably including change to control of The House of Representatives. If the size of the wave is surprisingly large, The Senate could easily switch, too.

Joe Miller - AL         Sharron Angle - NV        Mike Lee - UT             Rand Paul  - KY        Ken Buck - CO

Ron Johnson - WI    Kelly Ayotte - NH      Maco Rubio - FL    Christine ODonnell - DE     


Carly Fiorina  - CA      Dino Rossi - WA     Mark Kirk - IL     John Hoeven - ND    Dan Coats - IN        John Boozman  - AR

 John Raese - WV         Pat Toomey - PA


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