“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth” - President John F. Kennedy

Frances Byrd from Liberatchik Discusses Promoting Liberty through the Arts

It is time conservatives take back the arts. Because of our sluggish economy, the Texas House voted to cut the Commission for the Arts by $3.5 million. 

The Texas Senate still has to add or subtract its two cents worth on this. Regardless the Commission will probably have major budget cuts giving us ample opportunities to contribute to the arts. How? By participating and becoming patrons of the arts. A patron is someone who supports the arts by attending exhibits or shows, by supporting a particular artist or group of artists, and or by financially contributing by purchasing from an artist directly or sponsoring an exhibit or show. How many of you ever complained to a gallery owner or a museum director or a theater company that you found the art work or play offensive? Most conservatives stop attending shows all together instead of finding the art that is preferred. Some conservatives live on the edge of the art world, never really participating by attending an exhibit or opera but by listening to Pavarotti at home or in their cars or by watching PBS a government funded entity. None of these activities are incorrect. We all do this to enrich our lives. I am just pointing out that it would be nicer to attend and hear the music and see the exhibit in person. In so doing you can better understand your community. Most exhibits are free of charge and there are plenty of gratis symphony concerts available.

In today’s world it is critical that conservatives participate in the arts because the arts impact our everyday lives. Whether we want to believe or accept this or not, art imitates our culture. While this is a true statement not all of us enjoy the degradation personified in the arts. There are many conservatives who want to enjoy the beauty of a painting, the moment seized in a photograph, a good play, or an exciting movie. If you saw the movie ‘Black Swan’ or go to the movies you will understand how low the Liberals can go. Instead of fighting back, conservatives stayed out of the fray because some felt the Arts was not ‘as important’ or believe that present day art is way too inappropriate. Art is important. Art is for everyone and not just for the ‘elite’ or the inner city children or students, but for everyone. We can no longer depend on a ‘classic’ for fear of how it may be ‘altered’. Just listen to some of the variations of our national anthem. A friend, Sandy commented that she had attended ‘West Side Story’ only to be totally disappointed. In her own words, “after seeing ‘West Side Story’ last week and how a good musical was trashed, I say let’s get rid of funding and we can donate to CLEAN PRODUCTIONS of our choice. The musical got good reviews and had a full house! Our standards are in the toilet.”

What conservatives fail to understand is the fact that something can be done about the abject failure of the arts of today. Was that too harsh? Iconography has definitely changed since the Renaissance when Michelangelo and Leonardo de Vinci ruled the art world. Art should be beautiful and soothing; instead shock value has become the focal point. Local community centers, libraries, privately owned galleries or art leagues are perfect venues to engage in the arts. You don’t have to travel to Washington DC or New York City to enjoy art.

Liberals use the arts as a way to reach our children and further their own agenda. They grasp what the conservatives have not, that we all have a need for expression. Texas State Representative Mike Villarreal wasted no time in furthering his political agenda by promoting his ‘Apple’ art to ‘save’ the teachers. Very clever! Where were the Republican state representatives promoting ‘save’ the Rainy Day fund art project? Note that the ratio of state representatives is 101 R to 49 D in the Texas House and not one art project emerged supporting the Republican view. There are some art projects that include Republicans and Democrats for a common good like the one State Representative Doug Miller is supporting through ‘The Texas Hospitality Association’ which is excellent. The poster contest will award a graduating senior $10,000. Where are the art projects sponsored by just the Republicans?

Francis Byrd is a passionate advocate for conservative art. She stands by her principles and works hard to get her message to conservatives. Please listen to her in the above video and then read her notes on her trip to CPAC. She can be reached by going to LIBERATCHIK on Facebook. Frances is not shy in addressing the conservatives in her quest to put America back on track.

What I Learned at CPAC
Frances Byrd – February 20, 2011

Conservatives dont get it. The culture of our country has been under assault by progressives for generations and conservatives dont get it. There is some kind of disconnect on our side between the understanding that the arts and entertainment industries are destroying our culture and the motivation to become involved in the revitalization of artistic expression. I hate to say I am beginning to think it is willful. There is no excuse for the level of apathy that conservatives feel for the arts. If conservative dont learn to look at art as something more than an accessory to their sofa and draperies, they can forget about promoting limited government and conservative values to future generations. Facts, graphs and rhetoric are boring and put the listener on the defensive; particularly the younger generations we desperately need on our side.


State Representative from San Antonio showing off his Art Apple program not to cut funding for Education

My apple says: I dont want you to cut funding to education because: Our childrens future depends on our investment in them.


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