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For those of you who enjoy the Arts, or who would like to develop an interest, there are two Art shows in the area, San Antonio and Bulverde, Texas for you to visit and enjoy. The best place to benefit from the Arts is in your own community. Why not make it a point to visit your local art league, gallery, museum or library this summer. They offer an abundance of opportunities to personally see the work and to meet the artists. It is critical that conservatives participate in the Arts by attending an exhibit, supporting an artist or contributing financially. Now would be a good time since the Arts are being defunded because of our economic state. Not until we pick up a pen will we be able to make a difference. Why not make it a family excursion. Who knows you may be living with a talented photographer like Henri Cartier-Bresson, or a painter like Henri Matisse. I mention these two artists because I personally enjoy their work. Cartier-Bresson’s photographs have a way of moving your heart. Matisse’s paintings are good for the eyes with his love of color. It has been my extreme pleasure to actually see work from these two artists. I found Cartier-Bresson’s complete work at the Museo de Arte in Monterrey, Mexico a few years back and Matisse’s work at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. I may forget where the art was exhibited but I seldom forget the art. There is nothing more invigorating and soothing at the same time than seeing artists work come alive right in front of you. Touching is not allowed otherwise…

I have been invited to exhibit four photography pieces from my series, ‘Women of Comal County’ along with some artists who will be showing their work in pastels at the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library from April 9th, to May 2nd. This exhibit is in conjunction with the ‘Voci di Sorelle’, Voices for Sisters, a vocal group from San Antonio emphasizing the beauty of women’s voices. ‘Full Circle: A Life of Love’ will be presented on May 1 at 3pm and admission is free.

If you happen to live in San Antonio or are in the area why not stop by and enjoy the 81st Annual Juried Artists Exhibition and reception on April 10th at the San Antonio Art League, 130 King William Street from 3pm to 5pm. A photograph from my series, ‘The Reality of Life’ is included in this show. The exhibit features artists from San Antonio and the surrounding areas using different medium. This exhibit runs from April 10th to May 21st and is open to the public and there is no admission fee.

I hope to see you there this Sunday April 10th at the San Antonio Art League and May 1st at the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library. Below are excerpts from the Artist Statements on my two series. I intentionally did not show any of my photographs as a way to entice you to attend the exhibits. Let me add that the, “The Reality of Life” is my first ‘political’ series as I had not ventured in this direction in the past. It is my desire that through my work you can understand my passion for life and the spirit we all carry inside of us.


‘The Reality of Life’

Family values in America have declined and if we do not show our children and grandchildren that there is more to life then watching TV, playing video games and shopping I am afraid we are a lost society. Our government is totally out of control and dares to make our moral decisions. Our present situation will lead us to ‘moral imagination’. Our Foundling Fathers knew who gave us our Freedom, God Almighty.
Abortion has become a topic of grave concern for many conservative Americans. And in the present political climate it has not been an easy road to travel as Pro Life advocates have been ridiculed and depicted as ‘Right Wing Extremists’. Pro Choice for so many years has had the funding and legal support system that the Pro Life movement has not enjoyed. Only recently have we found our new voice. It is my assessment that we must discuss this subject openly but we must also be brave enough to embrace ‘The Reality of Life’.
My photographs taken at Pro Life events where Pro Choice protesters have attempted to disrupt make for a vivid view of the Pro Life movement and its detractors. It is my hope that through these images viewers will be able to understand that both sides have choices, one being adoption. It is also my intent that these images confirm that no matter what age, ethnicity or gender you are, the unborn are defenseless and need our voice and strength. The unborn child should be allowed to experience Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you are viewing this exhibit, thank your mother as she chose Life for you.


‘The Women of Comal County’

I have been photographing it seems all my life. As a photographer there is always that constant search for the ‘perfect’ subject. I have come to realize that all the photographic series I have completed are ‘perfect’. That it is only my perception of what is ‘perfect’ that I have to satisfy. Women seem to always be searching for the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and the perfect haircut and so it goes. Most women do not realize that they are the ‘perfect’ part in an imperfect world. For this very reason I have embarked on a very gratifying journey of photographing and capturing the spirit of the “Women of Comal County.”
I selected this subject because I felt that the Women of Comal County are vibrant, exciting, intelligent, giving and most of all willing to enjoy life. These are also strong women who are not afraid to confront life’s many challenges.
In today’s world women have to be ready to fit into any situation because of the pressures our society places on them. I chose to present these women in their own environment giving the viewer an inside look as to who they are.






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