The "Bipartisan" Health Care Summit

President Obama is playing his game of: "Look at me, I am open to bipartisan decisions," but that is just a masquerade of his plan. This health care bill has not been a bipartisan bill since the very beginning. Republicans in both chambers of Congress have said it over and over again: The Democrats have not allowed them to be part of the development of any of these bills; they present them to Republicans once they have already been written.

All negotiations between democrats have been done in "secret," behind closed doors. President Obama has failed to keep his promise of transparency when he promised that all negotiations would be done before the cameras and broadcasted on C-Span for all the people to see. Republicans should go and be more demanding, but the Democrats can't give up their dream of a socialist America. They are doing a set-up of a "summit" that they are calling a reconciliation. It will be very interesting. I do not think Republicans should be part of this, but democrats are already predetermined to do what they want to do. In fairness, Republicans should go in the room and demand time to speak.

Responsible bipartisanship is when both sides speak and bring their ideas. The Democrats have had a long time to let the Republicans speak, but they do not let them do so. They are in power, and they like to show they have the power. Will the president give half of the time to the Republicans at the bipartisan health care summit to speak and bring their ideas to the table? I doubt it.


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