Comal County Republicans leading our State and Party, again!

We have two Delegates and two Alternate Delegates going to the National Republican Convention to represent Congressional District 21.

Out of three Delegates and three Alternate Delegates elected by CD 21, Larry Nuckols has Delegate Place 1, Lisa Allmon Roper has Delegate Place 3 and Sonja Harris will go as Alt. Delegate 3. Our Mary Lou Erben was selected by the National Delegate Committee as one of the Alternate Delegates At Large, representing the CD 35 part of Comal County.

In addition, Patti Johnson was elected to the College of Electors to go to Austin in the Electoral College for our Congressional District's Presidential candidate, as chosen in November.

For our County to be recognized by the election of so many of our stars in a meeting of the entire CD21 delegation to the RPT (seven Counties!) and by the National Delegate Committee for CD 35, shows the strength of our Comal County Republican Party. It is the fruit of the labor of all of you who spend hours and days fighting the Conservative fight!

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