Constitutional Conservative John Faulk Comments On Who Actually Benefits from Sheila Jackson Lee's Bailout Spending

G69W63J2G9Y4A couple weeks ago, Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18) held a press conference in order to flaunt the passage of yet another bailout bill, H.R. 1586, the Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act, by the House Democrats. 

Constitutional conservative John Faulk, who is running against Sheila Jackson Lee in the upcoming midterm elections, attended the event to help educate the attendees on this out-of-control government spending!

If $470 billion worth of the original bailout bill has been left unspent, why the need for another government bailout? John Faulk explained that the U.S. Federal Department of Education is one of the largest bureaucracies. The government is trying to shore up money going into the police unions, firemen unions, and the teachers unions. Nancy Pelosi even called Congress back in session during the August recess (time supposed to be allotted to town hall meetings) to pass this bill in order to pay back unions for their support of the Obama Administration.

John Faulk further explained that the 18th Congressional District of Texas has nine independent school districts. The reason its set up that way is because the education should be in the control of the local people - the parents, the taxpayers, and the officials working for the school districts. John Faulk explained that each school district has its own set of unique issues, but the federal government wants to come in and take a one-size-fits-all approach to the school system, and this will not be good for the children.

Click here to see photos of John Faulk stepping in to educate the misinformed attendees of the Sheila Jackson Lee press conference. 

After the press conference, in the video below, John Faulk shares what he said when he stepped in at the press conference. He also explains more about the big-government spending and who it really benefits.


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