If Imam Rauf Continues with Plans to Build Ground Zero Mosque, Who Will He Get to Build It? Will He Import Illegal Immigrants?

Imam Rauf has a lot going against him and his proposed mosque. 71% of New Yorkers want the mosque to be moved, and the discovery of his ties to Faiz Kahn, a 9/11 truther, has Bill O'Reilly thinking Imam Rauf may decide to move the location of the mosque. But if ImamRauf does decide to go ahead with his plans for the mosque, will there be anyone to build it? Construction workers in New York and even across the nation are banding together and declaring that they will have nothing to do with the building of the mosque. So what will Imam Rauf do with mosque development plans but no one execute them?

According to ConstructionCitizen.com:

That raised a question in our mind as to whether the Imam might suggest that Asian, Brazilian, Ethiopian or Mexican construction workers currently working on projects like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and The Gateway in Singapore be brought in to construct the planned mosque at the Imam’s site.

Would Imam Rauf be desperate enough to build his mosque that he would import illegal workers to do the job?


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To answer the question posed about " bringing in Illegal workers". I think that would be a small insult in comparison to the one they will be building!

There are so many illegal and legal aliens of every stripe and trade here in NYC, that he wouldn't have to go outside the city to hire on contractors and subcontractors.  

It's a buyer's market, and he who pays the workers gets to call the shots.  There are millions who would build it, no questions asked, to feed and keep a roof over their babies' heads. 

How is it that you big money interests know that, and use it to manipulate and destroy unions, sending the work overseas to starve the workers out ... but suddenly develop amnesia, when you WANT & NEED the workers to function cohesively, like a troop, to carry out the will of the people?  
You can't have it both ways.  When you stick by the workers, the workers stick by you.  YOU HAVE NOT -- so you have the right to EXPECT NOTHING from anyone.  Understand?

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