A Note From the RPT Ballot Integrity Task Force

Republican Party of Texas - Dear Fellow Texas Voter, We have verified at least two instances in the state of Texas where an electronic voting machine did not correctly register the vote that the voter marked. In one instance, the person voted for Romney/Ryan, and the voting machine registered Obama/Biden. In another instance, the person voted straight Republican ticket, and the voting machine registered straight Green Party ticket. In both instances, the voter caught the mistake and reported it to the Election Judge, and the voter was able to vote the way they wanted.

We want to emphasize that we do not believe this is a deliberate mistake; instead, it is caused by a miscalibrated voting machine.

We want to emphasize that this is a very rare occurrence. However, even one wrongly registered vote is unacceptable.

Therefore, we are writing to advise voters to check their voting machine carefully before casting their votes.

If you find that your machine has not registered your vote correctly, do this:

  1. Stop voting immediately. DO NOT CAST THE BALLOT. 
  2. Get the Election Judge and bring them to your voting machine to show them the problem.
  3. Do not leave the voting location until you are able to vote correctly. The Election Judge should immediately remove from service the machine that has made the mistake and should not allow any other voters to use it.

We also ask that you report the incidence to our Ballot Integrity Task Force either by email or phone. Tell us exactly what happened, and what the Election Judge did to resolve the situation. If the machine was not taken out of service, then we need to know that, too. Please contact the Republican Party of Texas about any other voting concerns or questions you might have as well.


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