No Where but Kalifornia - US Flag Ordered Removed on Veteran's Day Citing Racial Tensions - WHAT?!

When young Cody Alicea, 13, mounted his flag on the back of his bicycle to honor Veterans including his family members, little did he realize he would cause "racial tension".  Yes, you guessed it... Live from the People's Republic of Kalifornia we have yet another IDIOT school administrator (DeNair Middle School near Sacramento) who somehow thinks flying the American flag causes racial tension.  Some people should just not even be allowed on school property, let alone run one!

Cody has been flying his flag on his bicycle for several months, but there was never any kind of problem until the week of Veteran's Day when the "campus supervisor" (whatever that is) directed Cody to remove the flag because of racial tensions.



Watch the Report from FoxNews40 in Sacramento


The report of this story has caused quite a national stir with over 100,000 people having watched this video.  School was closed on Veteran's Day when the story broke so the school had plenty of time to rehearse their "cover story" before getting back with Fox News 40.

 School's Response




All's well that ends well I guess, but why can a school administrator not use just a little common sense and deal with the real problem, the thugs making the threats, instead of going after a law abiding young man who simply is proud of his country.

Cody, well done young man!  I am proud of you!




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