Time for Ortiz to Concede

Interesting politics are a-brewin’ in Deep South Texas this month after incumbent U.S. Rep. Solomon Ortiz (TX-27) was defeated by Republican Blake Farenthold last week.

While various election projections showed the District 27 race leaning democrat, rather than safe democrat, I know I wasn’t alone in assuming Ortiz would (unfortunately) win again.

As election night progressed and votes poured in, I stared at my computer screen, mouth agape, speechless at the results. Naturally, my home district would turn red the year after I moved away. (Granted, in Arizona, —my home away from home during school months—results were beautiful and red as well.)

But could conservatives win big in South Texas in peace? Of course not.

Ortiz, despite the nearly 800-vote difference separating him and Farenthold, is insistent on demanding a manual recount.

Now, I understand mistakes happen. I understand election workers are only human. However, 800 votes in a 100,000-vote race is nearly one percent. The likelihood of election results being over 800 votes off is very very small.

Ortiz’s camp claims he wants to ensure everyone’s vote is accounted for and every voice is heard, but after serving in Congress for 28 years, it’s obvious he does not want to let go of the power.

If Ortiz truly wanted to ensure the voices of TX-27 were heard, he would have conceded to Farenthold over a week ago.

Ortiz needs to put on his big boy pants (or try on Farenthold’s ducky pajamas for size) and get over himself. The people have spoken, and the consensus, by a far large-enough margin, is we don’t believe he is the right representative for South Texas.


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Only in mexico, I mean south Texas, do you see this type of abuse. Ridiculous. It's over Ortiz. Now go retire. We don't want you. You've abused the system for too long.

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