Ted Cruz has filed for 2012 Senate Race

The following announcement was sent in by former Solicitor General of Texas Ted Cruz on Wednesday, January 19:

Dear Friends,

As Congress gathers today to cast its first vote on whether to repeal ObamaCare, I am pleased to share with you some exciting news: Today I filed the official paperwork to run for the U.S. Senate.

Our campaign will be based on new leadership and a proven record of fighting for conservative principles and winning on a national level. Here’s our official press release.

All across America, we’re seeing a tidal wave of men and women standing up to defend liberty and to restrain the out-of-control growth of the federal government. I’m convinced that we’re facing the epic battle of our generation—quite literally, a fight over whether America will remain a free-market nation.

I am committed to helping lead this fight. If I have the honor of being elected the next Senator from Texas, you have my word that I will fight every day for limited government, less spending, lower taxes, individual liberty, and preserving the Constitution.

To make this campaign succeed, I need your help. In particular, I would ask you to do three things:

First, please watch the web video we released today and share it with your friends:


Second, please make a contribution HERE. For this campaign to succeed, we need to raise a great deal of money very, very quickly. Any contribution—$10, $25, $50, $100 or more—will make an enormous difference.

Third, please send this email to TEN of your friends, and personally ask them to (1) sign up on www.tedcruz.org, (2) join us on both Facebook and Twitter, and (3) please contribute.

The threat to liberty has never been greater. This administration has presided over an unprecedented increase in federal government authority and spending. Unfortunately, President Obama believes that government is the solution to all problems. But when power is drawn into Washington, inevitably, individual liberty is taken away.

And yet, we have great reason to be optimistic: in unprecedented numbers and with unbridled enthusiasm, the American people are rising up to preserve America’s legacy as a beacon of hope and freedom in the world. There’s a great conservative awakening taking place in our country. Tea Parties across Texas and the nation are made up of people who were never previously involved in politics. They are showing up, getting energized and reading the Constitution, saying we’ve got to get back to the founding principles that made this nation great.

Men and women throughout Texas and America are standing up to join in this battle. We will not go quietly into the night. This is a fight we’re going to win.

All the best,

Ted Cruz

P.S. – If you support our fight to repeal ObamaCare, to defend liberty, to maintain our free-market economy, and to preserve the Constitution, please make a contribution now, of any amount you can within the federal limits. Nothing will make a greater difference in this campaign than a huge outpouring of financial support. I am confident that we will succeed, but I very much need our help. Thank you so much


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