JFK: A Mediocre President and Adulterer/Pimp/Womanizer

New, shocking details released this week about JFK pimping out interns gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

I remember well over a decade ago learning about John F. Kennedy in a Lumberton, TX High School government class. He was a popular president so I thought I was going to learn about all the awesome things he did. I found out that he is really only popular because he was tragically killed. As a president, he does not stand out as one of the best. He was not a bad president, I suppose, and he did do some positive things, but he really didn't do much of anything compared to other accomplishments of past Presidents. The Cuban Missile Crisis was successful, but he also failed in implementing the Bay of Pigs. He pushed for the Civil Rights Act but could not get that passed. It was later passed under President Johnson and was pushed by the Republicans but opposed mostly by the Democrats. JFK was mediocre, certainly not one of the greatest Presidents. He was not killed right after he got elected. He was the president for almost 3 years before he got killed so he did have some time in office to get things done.

What makes him such a bad president is the horrible moral example he set for America. He was an adulterer and a pimp. He used his power to get young girls brought to work for him, and then he would have sex with them in his wife's bedroom and even pimp the girls out to his friends and sit there and watch. His actions would certainly get any CEO of a company fired or even put in jail or at least face civil penalties if that CEO treated interns like JFK treated them.

Bill Clinton should feel relieved after this new information about JFK has come out. Clinton was not near as bad as JFK.

Sorry everyone, JFK was not one of the best presidents in history. It is tragic that he was killed, but that does not change the fact that he was mediocre as president and was a monsterous womanizer.

Read the story below to see this new information that has come out about JFK having sex with interns and pimping them out:

From The New Republic:

I knew that John F. Kennedy was a compulsive, even pathological adulterer, given to taking outlandish risks after he entered the White House. I knew he treated women like whores. And I knew he had more than a few issues with his father about toughness and manliness and all that. But before I read in the newspaper that Mimi Alford's just-released memoir, Once Upon A Secret: My Affair With President John F. Kennedy And Its Aftermath, described giving Dave Powers a b*** job at JFK's request and in his presence, I didn't know that Kennedy had an appetite for subjecting those close to him to extreme humiliation.

The likelihood that Alford is making this story up is extremely remote. She didn't come forward on her own. She was outed, partially in a 2003 Robert Dallek biography, and then by name by the Daily News, as "JFK's Monica," because when she began her affair she was a White House intern and a 19 year-old rising sophomore at Wheaton College. (In the book Alford reveals that Sally Bedell Smith was actually the first journalist to contact her--by phone, about a year before the Dallek book came out--and that she declined to speak to her then.)

Alford's story is entirely believable. She was an attractive, naive recent graduate of Miss Porter's School. Miss Porter's was also the alma mater of Jacqueline Kennedy and of a slightly older White House secretary named "Fiddle" with whom Kennedy was also having an affair, or so the First Lady believed--there was also a purported dalliance with Fiddle's close friend "Faddle," a secretary in the press office--and it isn't lost on Alford that this descendant of Boston's lace-curtain Irish had a thing for Social Register girls. Her fourth day on the job she was invited upstairs to the private residence. Kennedy led Mimi into his wife's bedroom (the First Lady was away), unbuttoned her blouse, touched her breast, pulled down her underwear, dropped his pants, climbed on top of her, and f***** her. When she told him she was a virgin he became a bit more compassionate, but neither in that sexual encounter nor in any other did he ever kiss her on the lips.

This part of Alford's story doesn't really add anything to what we already know about Kennedy. Nor does it really change my opinion of the 35th president. But this part does:

Dave Powers was sitting poolside while the President and I swam lazy circles around each other, splashing playfully. Dave had removed his jacket and loosened his tie in the warm air of the pool, but he was otherwise fully clothed. He was sitting on a towel, with his pants leg rolled up, and his bare feet dangling in the water.

The President swam over and whispered in my ear. "Mr. Powers looks a little tense," he said. "Would you take care of it?" It was a dare, but I knew exactly what he meant. This was a challenge to give Dave Powers oral sex. I don't think the President thought I'd do it, but I'm ashamed to say that I did. It was a pathetic, sordid, scene, and is very hard for me to think about today. Dave was jolly and obedient as I stood in the shallow end of the pool and performed my duties. The President silently watched.

Afterwards, Alford says she was "deeply embarrassed," and as she climbed out of the pool she "could hear Dave speak in as stern a tone as I ever heard him use with his boss. 'You shouldn't have made her do that,' Dave said. 'I know, I know,' I heard the President say. Later, a chastened President Kennedy apologized to us both." Alford believes that Kennedy showed "his darker side ... when we were among men he knew. That's when he felt a need to display his power over me." Kennedy didn't just have a thing for Social Register girls; he had a thing for humiliating Social Register girls. He also had a thing for humiliating his fellow Irishman, Dave Powers.

Maybe Kennedy wasn't this much of a creep all that much (though Alford also tells of him once forcing her to take an amyl nitrite "popper" in Bing Crosby's living room). But the poolside ritual of humiliation is not easy to reconcile with any kind of worldly tolerance for Kennedy's peccadilloes. Perhaps the fairest conclusion to make is that Kennedy did some good things in his public life (and also some bad), but that he was capable of monstrous cruelty that's hard to forgive and also hard to equate even with that of successors like Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon (or with any in his less polished younger brother Ted, whose own private life had plenty of dark moments but whose public accomplishment ultimately outshone JFK's). Clinton shared many vices with President Kennedy, but I can't imagine him ever doing anything like this. I don't usually say this about scandal stories, but Alford's tale ought to occasion further reassessment of a president we already knew to be morally compromised.


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Not only a mediocre president, but also a many times traitor to America.First he has helped the russians to cover up the Gagarin fraud (there are articles in american newpapers of the time to testify it), but, much more grievous, he has faked the cuban missiles crisis just to get out of the cuban swamp without losing his popularity; he has asked the russians to point missiles at America in Cuba, in order to make Americans believe there was a great danger, then he pretended to solve the crisis.This is a high case of treason, and furthermore he was putting himself in position of being blackmailed by the Russians, which means that the Russians could obtain wharever they wanted from him.That's the real reason why he had been eliminated by the CIA, because he had become a threat to US security.His brother has been eliminated for the same reason.Whoever worships this traitor is wrong, and he got what he deserved in Dallas.

What I wrote in my previous comment may seem weird, but I don't want you to think that this is coming out of a delirious imagination; I have sources to support what I said.
First a link to an article of an American newspaper of the time explaining that the flight of Gagarin was a hoax (and it is not the only one!!!):
Kennedy could not ignore the hoax if even the American media could see it.

Second, a very interesting link I found on the net which explains what foul game kennedy has played in the pseudo cuban missiles crisis:
Kennedy staged this crisis just to get out of the cuban swamp without losing his popularity, and even increasing it.he has not even thought that, by acting in a such way, he was submitting himself to the russians and allowing them to blackmail him, which means that, through him, the russians would control US politics.If it isn't treason, then what is it?

I have new information.I have realised that Kennedy did not even need the cooperation of the cubans and the russians to fake the crisis of the cuban missiles, that he could do all by himself simply by faking photos that he presented as a proof of the crisis; in fact these photos are fake, full of incoherences, absolutely not credible, as I show in this webpage:http://www.angelfire.com/moon2/xpascal/MoonHoax/JFK/JFKTaitor.HTMIn short, the russians and the cubans obtained everything they wanted against nothing since the russians missiles were imaginary, just "photoshopped" on cuban maps (well, not exactly "photoshopped", photoshop was not existing yet, but the equivalent).JFK had purely and simply become a traitor; he had sold his soul to the russians, he had become their servant, and that's why he had started to remove troops from Vietnam and to talk about making cooperation with the russians for the spatial programme.In Dallas, it is a traitor who was executed by a conspiracy involving both the CIA and the FBI, a state conspiracy about US security.

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