FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS, ALIPAC and Radicalized Republicans Created Amnesty

Because of a very loud noise from a small number of people, leftist groups like FAIR, NumbersUSA, ALIPAC, CIS and a radicalized minority of the Republican Party have been able to join forces to create a virtual amnesty for illegal aliens living in the United States. The loud noise they have created has paralyzed Congress and consumed the time of state legislators across the nation who have to contend with these noisemakers. Because of this, no serious legislation on fixing our broken immigration system has even been proposed since 2007.

There was a lot wrong with the Bush, Kennedy, McCain immigration reform bill of 2007, and it is a good thing that it was defeated. It did nothing about border security and had way too many loopholes, which would have allowed criminals to remain in our country. It was soundly defeated as it should have been. What should have happened after that was a proposal that would properly address the broken aspects of our illegal immigration system. The parts that make it too easy to come here illegally and way too difficult to come here legally.

President Obama promised Hispanics he would reform our broken system in 2009 when he took office, but he failed to introduce one single piece of legislation - even when he had unstoppable control of both houses of Congress. He again promised Hispanics he would make reform a top priority in 2013 so he could get elected last month. As of this posting, he has still not said one word about proposed plans for immigration reform.

Republicans solidly control the House of Representatives. We can, and should, block any bill the left would propose that would include any form of amnesty. But with control of the House comes the responsibility of governance and leadership. It is time for the House to propose a Republican plan for immigration reform that fixes the broken aspects of our system and provides a humane path for dealing with the people in this country who are living here now. Not a pathway to citizenship, but a pathway to legalization where these people can become contributing members of our society.

In 2011, the Hispanic Republican Conference of the Texas Legislature proposed HCR 88 as a first step towards identifing and dealing with immigration reform as an economic issue. The Republican Party of Texas boldly changed its party platform on immigration reform with the adoption of "The Texas Solution" which would later was partially adopted by the Republican National Convention. These steps were good steps, but they have accomplished nothing in the form of reform legislation.

Starting in January, I will write a series of articles on immigration reform that will identify many of the broken aspects of our current system and propose suggestions for fixing these broken aspects. We will look into a process that will provide a pathway to legal residency for people who have broken no other laws than immigration laws that includes measurable requirements for progress through the system. we will acknowledge the progress that has already been made on the separate issue of border security. We will create a dialog for political leaders to watch and find a proper solution. We will provide a place for the kind of discussion our nation needs to have in order to deal with this serious issue facing our nation.

Perhaps it is time to form an Immigration Reform Commission. Not a government commission like you would get out of Washington, but a market-driven commission similar to the Bankruptcy Reform Commission that is being conducted by the American Bankruptcy Institute. Is it possible to build such a commission that could actually develop a true plan for real reform to our immigration system? Who would be willing to serve on such a commission? Who would fund the expenses of creating such a commission? Who should be members of such a commission?  Let's see if we can find answers to these questions in the near future and put this issue to rest once and for all.



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    What pro-Amnesty tools like Bob Price never answer is EXACTLY what part of our immigration system is broken.

    Not once, nor will they ever, cite with specificity the exact statute that fails to meet America’s immigration needs.

    Our immigration system isn’t broken. We admit more than 1 million LEGAL immigrants each year. More than ALL of the countries in the world put together!

    The ONLY problem with our immigration system is that our laws haven’t been enforced since 1954!

    One Old Veteran

Mr. Price's ignorance about illegal immigration is evident when he claimed that illegal aliens' only crime is having coming across our borders.

If he knew what he was talking about he would understand that additional crimes illegal aliens commit are forging or stealing citizens and legal immigrants identities, lying on employment forms, lying on government assistance forms for food stamps, housing, monthly financial aid for their children, not paying income taxes that a 2006 IRS Unreported Earnings Report showed that over $1 trillion dollars is attributed to illegal aliens and their employers.  The medical identity theft that has caused citizens and legal immigrants to be capped out of their insurance or worse misdiagnosed unaware their medical records have been compromised.  The Mexican Drug cartels, Gangs, Child/Adult Sex Slave Rings, human trafficking, terrorist trafficking, kidnappings and killings associated with same.

Please stop trying to minimize the overall negative impact of illegal immigration, please stop the pro-amnesty mantra that  our federal immigration laws are broken when the only problem there has been is the lack of enforcement by too many administrations.

Mr. Price, I strongly suggest that you do your research before you attempt to write as an authority on a subject especially one whose negative impact touches every single citizen and legal immigrant in this country financially and many times with their lives.

Susan Smith
Founder of Nebraskans Advisory Group

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