RedState 2013 Rocked! Part One: Ted Cruz and Defunding Obamacare “Don’t Blink”

I was fortunate enough to join other conservative Americans from all over the country assembled at Erick Erickson’s fifth annual RedState gathering, RedState 2013 in New Orleans over the first weekend in August. Speakers included governors, senators, congressmen, candidates and a Tea Party Patriot leader. Every one of them inspired and informed.

The three most compelling takeaways:

  • US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz is the co-author of the best and probably only vehicle to bring down Obamacare, through defunding it. He laid out the simple but not easy path for doing that, and how everyone can help. (More on that below.)
  • RedState showcased some stellar and previously unknown (to me) conservative candidates for U.S House and Senate. There is a “call in the cavalry” feel, a sense that we live in extraordinarily consequential political times, and that many somebodies better get in the fight. The fight is against the growth of centralized power in Washington, and against the normalizing of radical left-wing redistributionist, anti-constitutionalist politics in America. (More on this in a separate posting about RedState.)
  • Democrat ideology and policies are the big problem, but too many incumbent Republicans are also the problem. Hence the GOP primary challengers to long term incumbent Republicans who no longer stand up for conservative or even Republican principles. (More on this in that separate posting.)

The Plan

Ted Cruz’s speech at RedState about defunding Obamacare was received with overwhelming enthusiasm.

  • When September 30, 2013 arrives, and Congress must fund the government through the Continuing Resolution (CR), House Republicans will fund all aspects/functions of the U.S. government, except Obamacare. The CR will specifically not fund Obamacare.
  • In addition, the CR will contain a provision prepared by Senator Cruz and others, explicitly prohibiting any funding of any aspect or provision of Obamacare, whether mandatory or discretionary funding. This means all Obamacare funding will be prohibited by federal law.
  • A CR that defunds Obamacare will not pass the Senate, and President Obama has vowed to veto it anyway, so Obama and the Democrats will claim that Republicans are shutting down government. That is where we the people come in!

False Arguments Against the Plan

  • “Republicans will lose the argument over government shutdown.” No, we can win this argument. Bloggers, Republican and conservative organizations, tea parties and every other sentient patriot in the country needs to spread this message everywhere:
    • Republicans did fund the government -- all except the wildly unpopular Obamacare.
    • President Obama has exempted his union buddies, big business and employers from Obamacare—they know it is a terrible plan.
    • It is Obama and the Democrats who shut government down -- because they want to force Obamacare down the American people’s throats.
    • Republicans are standing with the people!
  • Some Republicans fear they will look like they do not care about those the law is supposed to be helping. When Teamsters’ President Jimmy Hoffa writes to Reid and Pelosi that Obamacare is “destroying the foundation of the 40 hour work week,” creates “perverse incentives” and “nightmare scenarios,” and will “destroy the very health and wellbeing of our members along with millions of other hardworking Americans,” Republicans are very clearly protecting the people by defunding the law!
  • Republicans will be hurt at the voting booth. Polls repeatedly show Americans, even Independents, do not want this law. The voters are with us on this!

How Citizens Can Help

  • Sign up at to say you do not want government to fund Obamacare. Spread the word.
  • Contact your Congressman and your Senators and demand they support this defunding effort. Blog, email, call and then repeat. This plan only works if 41 Senators or 218 House members sign on.
  • To use Ted Cruz’s expression: “Don’t blink.” This plan requires boldness. It requires that all elected Republicans stand firm, and don’t wither under Democrat/media assault or under the pressure of moderate and fearful Republicans who prefer to protect their power and positions, rather than stand for principle.

The very liberal Democrat Senator Jim McDermott said recently that the battle over Obamacare is the Gettysburg of today. He is right. It is between government that ignores and in fact defies the will of the people, and government that represents the will of the people. It is the battle between socialism and liberty.

This is a fight worth having. The RedState gatherers see this. Let’s hope America does too.


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