US Attorney to Deport Three Suspects in Brian Terry Murder - Getting the Witnesses Out of Town??

Hey Eric, can you cover my ATF guys?News just in from the US Attorney's office in Phoenix about suspects in the US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's murder.  In a statement from US Attorney's spokesman Robbie Sherwood, two suspects have already pled guilty pleas to charges of illegal entry and will be deported to Mexico.  A third suspect is expected to do the same thing tomorrow.

The statement reads:

“Jesus Soria-Ruiz, Jose Angel-Camacho have entered, and tomorrow Francisco Rosario Camacho-Alameda is expected to enter, guilty pleas to illegal entry charges, and as a result, will be deported back to Mexico.

"Based upon an extensive investigation conducted to date, there is no evidence tying these three individuals to the shooting of Border Patrol (BP) Agent Brian Terry. The goal of the ongoing FBI-lead Joint Investigation into that shooting is to achieve justice for BP Agent Terry, and bring criminal charges against those responsible for this murder. We continue to devote significant resources and manpower to this investigation. This investigation is extremely active and progressing."

Earlier today, I asked an FBI spokesman a general question not related to this case. The question was, "generally, when a person is involved in the commission of a felony, and someone else dies as a result of actions of someone within the group, is that person not usually charges with the death of the person who died?"  The response was yes, that is generally the case. During this interview, the spokesman also rules out the rumor that Agent Terry was killed as a result of "friendly fire".

So, what is going on here?  These suspects were being held on felony charges of entering the country illegally after being previously deported. Someone in their group, apparently not them, opened fire on the Border Patrol Agents resulting in the death of Brian Terry.  So, why are these people not being charged in the murder of Brian Terry?

Currently Senator Charles Grassley is conducting an investigation into this and has proof that two of the weapons used in this case were part of the ATF's Operation Gunrunner. The Assistant Attorney General has denied this, but Sen. Grassley repsonded in a new letter to Attorney General Eric Holder with proof that this is the case.

Are these suspects, now convicts, being expedited out of the country to avoid their testimony about these guns?  Is this part of a DOJ/DHS cover-up to protect the ATF?

There is much speculation that the ATF has been involved in a politically motivated campaign to pump up the numbers of US guns being sold and delivered into Mexico in order to enable tougher gun control laws in this country.  Is this Operation Gun Runner being led by the newly appointed anti-gun director of the ATF?

There are more and more questions coming out about the murder of Brian Terry and the government's role.  Certainly their lack of being forthcoming with information and now this rush to get three potential witnesses out of the country add fuel to the fires of these rumors.

Someone needs to stop the deportation of these potential witnesses until Sen. Grassley's investigation is complete. And, more importantly, someone needs to come clean with the truth in this case and Operation Gunrunner.

Anyone having information about his is encouraged to send us the information directly or to contact Sen. Grassley's office.  The information will be treated with strict confidence.



i mentioned 3 weeks ago, the goofball who instituted the policy whereby Americans patrolling the borders are armed with bean bag rounds, to go up against murderous mexican gangs and drug cartels had been tranferred to el kgun9 finally caught up to where the rest of us already were on the facts:

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