Agenda 21 to Evolve into a New Legally-Binding UN Treaty in 2015

In a nutshell, Agenda 21 was a document to impose "sustainable development" across the globe.

It originated at a UN meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and was signed there by President George H.W. Bush. After Bush's defeat, Bill Clinton issued an Executive Order creating the "President's Council on Sustainable Development." It is now embedded in all federal bureaucracies and trickling down to state and local governments through federal grants. For example, John Kerry recently called for a discussion of "climate change" at every State Dept. meeting.

The phrase sustainable development was created at another UN meeting in 1987. The simplest definition is to impose absolute "equity" or "justice" in three areas: the environment, the economy and throughout society.

It's utopian. The jargon sounds innocent until you understand its meaning, which is to impose absolute equity or justice. That requires giving up our liberties to an ever growing government.

That can best be accomplished by controlling energy. The United Nations talks about "renewable" energy replacing fossil fuels, but the truth is that wind and solar are not reliable or plentiful enough to accomplish that. Depending on renewables means severely downgrading our lifestyles.

Imposing sustainable development has meant convincing people that the globe is warming--and that burning fossil fuels is the reason for it. But the globe hasn't warmed since 1998. As a result, the UN changed the focus to "climate change." The fact is that the climate changes due to sun activity, primarily, but also due to winds and ocean currents. Man cannot control those factors.

So, the UN focuses on the unproven theory of manmade climate change, regardless the lack of science to back it up.

For more information, I strongly suggest writings by former NASA scientist and now head of the team at the University of Alabama studying the Terra Satellite that monitors different aspects of the earth: Dr. Roy Spencer. 

Another website debunking the myth is Marc Moreno's Climate Depot.

The bottom line is that the globe isn't warming, the seas aren't rising, storms are not more frequent or more severe, etc.

The UN is set to replace the old Kyoto Protocol with a new legally-binding greenhouse gas treaty in 2015 in Paris, France.

Let's ask our U.S. Senators to initiate a resolution to OPPOSE the legally-binding treaty that is to be imposed across the globe by 2020.


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