Today is National Empty Chair Day

Two years ago, I started the National Empty Chair Day as noted on the TexasGOPVote website.

I wrote two years ago that the empty chair represented the failed economic policies of Barack Obama. I noted then that the empty chair represented the 23 million Americans who were either unemployed or underemployed due to the disastrous economic calamity that Mr. Obama had led us in for the first four years of his Presidency. I also mentioned that "economically speaking, after four years of an Obama Presidency, we [had] lots of bills, no pocket change, no jobs and no hope with another four years of an Obama Presidency." While, the unemployment levels may have improved slightly, our current national debt is closely approaching a staggering $17.7 trillion. Since Obama became President, there has been a battle between our GDP and our national debt as to which one is larger and is growing the fastest. Unfortunately, our national debt has been a consistent winner.

With all of that said, this year's empty chair needs to symbolize Obama's failed foreign policy. Just a quick review of the last two years of Obama's Presidency reveals a record of dismal failure after failure just on foreign policy. Below are just a few things that I can mention.

Middle East.
Now here is a scary thought - what Jimmy Carter could do, Barack Obama has not done.

I initially point out that the Obama has lost his credibility on the world stage by failing to decisively steer Middle Eastern nations in the direction of peace. Obama reminds me of that parent who threatens to spank their children for misbehaving and fails to back that threat up when the children continue to misbehave. Any worthwhile parenting book notes that a threat of parental action for child misbehavior that is not followed through results in loss of credibility of that child towards that parent. Obama's "bright red line" parental threat against Syria for use of chemical weapons was clearly violated. There is no doubt that Syria used chemical weapons against her own people; however, there was no parental delivered consequence. Obama failed to follow up on that threat.

Further, the tensions between Israel and Palestinians have not been abated. By most accounts, things are worse now than before Obama became President. In fact, my sources tell me that the Palestinians have felt screwed by Obama in that he has done nothing to do anything to condemn, much less stop, the Israeli government's permissive expansion of Jewish settlements into the West Bank.

War on Terror.
As in the case of the war on terror, I can specifically point out the failures surrounding the Benghazi, Libya mission where the Obama administration's multiple failures to act resulted in the deaths of several Americans including a United States Ambassador. I can point out that ISIS has become more and more bold. ISIS is well known to have come into villages and kill women and children. While Obama has recently started some military actions against ISIS, I am afraid it is too little, too late. The threat of ISIS was a threat that needed to be dealt with early on. Now, it will have to take considerably more resources to rid the world of ISIS. However, based upon Obama's timid military disposition, no one believes that he will have the intestinal fortitude to strike hard against these extremists.

Mexico and Central America.
The problem with the United States' insecure border has escalated beyond all belief. Make no underestimation of Obama, what is happening on the border is by his design and desire. He is specifically ordering the removal of field agents from the border. As a result, the southern border has been left untended which means tens of thousands of people are pouring into the United States from Mexico and Central America. No one has any comprehension as to who these people are and what their intentions are. From a national security point of view, we have severe threat. An unsecure border results in a justifiable fear that the United States' enemies are bringing WMDs into the United States. We do know that they are bringing in contagious diseases that would require quarantine even if they were to enter lawfully. What exasperates the border situation is that Obama threatens to use Executive Orders to further expand his immigration goals that he cannot accomplish through Congress.

If Russia was to be described as a nuclear super power whose interests are contrary to true democracy, it would be regarded by all as a ridiculous understatement of the complexity of the geopolitical status of the situation. I first note that Obama nonchalantly, and without seeking Congressional input, released the United States' claims to island territory in favor of Russia in the Arctic. While others may have forgotten about this blip on the radar, I think that this is a big deal. Speaking of radar, how many more airspace incursions into NATO territory do we tolerate? The recent incidences of violent provocations have increased dramatically within recent months. Speaking of incursions and provocations, what about Putin's unchallenged "annexation" of Crimea? Now, we have Russian forces actively involved with "Ukrainian" separatists conducting military actions in Ukraine against a sovereign nation. I can't but ask myself of how much more does Obama tolerate before there is something more than a phone call to Putin to protest this action.

When it comes to foreign policy, Obama is playing a friendly game of checkers with America's adversaries while the adversaries are playing a winner take all game of chess. Please support this grassroots movement and place an empty chair near your front sidewalk after you have placed your flags. And, please photograph and share with me your empty chair photos on my Facebook page and Twitter account page.




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