(Updated) Reports of 30 Dead and Dismembered Children Found in Texas Mass Grave - No Bodies Found After All!

Update: A Psychic has Psyched us! No bodies have been found after all... this comes after National News Stations everywhere reported that 30 bodies of children were found in Liberty County, Texas on a tip from a Psychic.... There is a reason I have never been to a Psychic...

After search of a rural southeast Texas property, local and federal law enforcement officials determined that information about a possible mass grave was a false alarm...

A tip has led authorities to a mass grave of up to 30 dismembered children in Liberty County, TX.

Update: Fox News is reporting that there are conflicting reports about the mass grave site and no solid verification of the bodies...

Liberty County is a rural county in between Houston and Beaumont in southeast Texas.

As a southeast Texas native, I have driven through Liberty County many times. Just last year I went right by this location when I picked up a fellow Army National Guardsman to go to training.  There is nothing but trees and fields in this part of Liberty County.  It is shocking that something like this has been discovered so close to home.

Liberty County has also recently been in the news for a shocking gang rape of an 11 year old girl in Cleveland, TX.

The sick person who did this must be found, tried and brought to Justice.


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As an intuitive person myself, and as someone who knows many practicing psychics, I know everything happens for a reason.  Although I was appalled at the topic, I was quite surprised to see a story like this appear so prominently in the news, much less on this website.  Perhaps it was the sensationalistic nature of the story.

In any event, it was interesting to see the utter 'fail' of the psychic tipster, when I noticed an article about this yesterday, although some components of the tip seemed to be corroborated.  This undoubtedly thwarts my argument that psychics and empaths should be helping society more 'out in the open', but then again, I was glad at the possibility that no mass-grave existed.

But it's still curious to me, about how and why so much mainstream press would be paying attention to this now.  Would this have been so a decade ago, even 3 years ago?

There are so many signs lately, however subtle, about our increasing awareness, and our search for The Truth, whether in government or otherwise.  Could this search be a sign of our growing 'sixth sense', or shifting paradigms, even?

Psychic phenomena is as varied as there are individuals, and is often 'colored' by each persons perceptions and subjectivity, when one does not practice active discernment.  It is all based on energy, and we all know there is so much fear energy and paranoia going around lately, it's bound to affect someone's sensory input, if they're not careful.

I will be curious to see what happens next, but I feel that this being so boldly talked about, even negatively, may be a catalyst for future public discussions of psychic phenomena in general.  This is likely to be the precursor for much more illuminating information that will come out in the months ahead!

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