New NRCC Video: National Debt Crisis 101

NRCC - As Democrats in Washington continue looking for a scapegoat to avoid taking responsibility for their reckless big-government spending spree, the National Republican Congressional Committee today released a new video providing a common sense explanation of the federal government’s debt crisis, how we got there and who exactly is responsible. Proving to be unwilling to rein in spending, President Obama and Democrats in Washington are guaranteeing that they would rather keep spending money recklessly, borrowing more from countries like China and letting future American generations inherit the problem.

“As the clock ticks down, President Obama continues to ignore his responsibility for this crisis while standing idly by as American families grow weary with the thought of an ever-looming economic catastrophe,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Even in the face of a debt crisis, Democrats refuse to accept responsibility for their wasteful spending that not only led us to the debt crisis we face today, but will ultimately crush economic recovery and any hope of job creation.”



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