Texas Town Fights for Nativity, Tebow’s Faith Mocked as Perry Vows to End War Against Religion

Rick Perry came out with an ad this week pledging to end Obama’s War Against Religion. This could not have come at a more perfect time. There really is a war against religion in America. The war is specifically against Christianity and not really against all religion in general. For instance, Tim Tebow is a Quarterback in the NFL (Denver Broncos). Tebow openly practices his Christian faith and he was even featured in a pro-life Super Bowl ad last year. When he makes a touchdown he kneels down and says a prayer. This has been called “Tebowing.” Just last week, Detroit Lions player Tony Scheffler made a touchdown against the Broncos, and after he made the touchdown, he kneeled down to mock the prayer that Tebow does. If Tebow was a Muslim and an NFL player were to mock his Muslim prayer, then the world would be outraged. There would be apologies from the NFL and the Liberal Media would blast the player who mocked the Muslim religion. Tebow’s Christian prayer was mocked but the NFL and the Liberal media have not said a darn thing. This is hypocrisy. You see, the war against religion in America is really only a war against one type of religion, Christianity.

Texas is getting Full Brunt of These Attacks – Fight over Nativity Scene in Athens, TX

These attacks are not only happening in the liberal northern states. Texas is getting the full brunt of these attacks! Earlier this year, Texas Republican Congressman Culberson stood up and fought the VA and the Obama Administration for restricting Christian Prayers at the funerals of fallen soldiers at the Houston National Cemetery. It was not that many years ago that Ted Cruz (now running for US Senate) fought for the right of the State of Texas to display the Ten Commandments at the State Capitol in Austin, TX. Cruz went all the way to the Supreme Court and won.

Now, just this week, Todd Starnes posted a story on Fox News about an East Texas town that is currently fighting a liberal, anti-religious organization over a Nativity that is being displayed on the lawn of the Henderson County Courthouse in Athens, TX.

These anti-Christian liberals do not care about American history. They do not care about the Constitution nor do they understand the meaning of the First Amendment. They simply hate Christianity and they want to destroy it and remove every mention of Christianity from America. They act as if someone of another faith will not be able to go to the courthouse to get a new vehicle registration simply because of a nativity in the lawn. That Nativity does not restrict anyone of another faith, or someone of no faith. Everyone is offered the same services by the county regardless of their beliefs. It might “offend” someone who hates Jesus that there is a nativity scene at the courthouse, but the Constitution does not protect anyone from being offended. This liberal organization attacking the Texas Nativity does not even care about Texas because the organization is in Wisconsin.

This story really hits home for me because my brother in law went to College with Nathan Lorik, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Athens, TX, who is fighting to keep the nativity scene.

Rally to Defend the Traditional Nativity Scene in Athens, TX

Lorick, and a group of other pastors in Henderson County, are organizing a large rally to defend the traditional Nativity from an attack by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“It’s time that Americans stand up and take America back for the faith that we were founded upon,” said Nathan Lorick. “We’re going to stand up and fight for this.”

Henderson County Commissioner Joe Hall called the attack “stupid” and said he’s going to do whatever it takes to stop the atheists.

“I’ll tell you this — I’m going to fight this until hell freezes over,” Hall told Fox News & Commentary. “I hope and pray that we leave it up.”

I have not heard when this rally will be but when I do I will post the info in this article

Urge your Congressman to Protect the Symbols and Traditions of Christmas by Voting FOR HR 489


Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO), a Member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, has introduced a resolution (H.Res.489) which expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that the symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas.

The resolution specifically points out that the House of Representatives:

(1) recognizes the importance of the symbols and traditions of Christmas;
(2) strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas; and
(3) expresses support for the use of these symbols and traditions by those who celebrate Christmas.

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There is a reason Christianity gets a harder time of it than Islam, and it is not because Islam is held in higher respect, it is because Islam is dangerous.
Both faiths and the concept of faith are equally undeserving of respect, but avoiding the violence that can result from insulting Islam is actually something worthwhile, just as insulting Christianity in centuries past would have been worth long hard consideration to avoid people getting killed or otherwise harmed.
It is true that we can't overtly attack the idiocy of Islam the way we do Christianity - but it's not because we shouldn't.
Why would God support one sports team over another? It's laughable. If he existed he might be more worried about child soldiers or something that really matters.
You poor dears, suffering from the "liberal" attacks that you bleat about so often. If you can't defend your superstitious nonsense and willful ignorance from reasoned argument expect more of the same. And thinking that Obama has a war on religion. What's that condition called when you think everyone is against you? You know, like mental patients, Repubicans, and Christians.

Listen, if you are not in the faith you have no reason or right talking about what God should worry about. Yes, I am Christian and I' am going to stick up for my "FAITH TILL THE DAY I DIE". Don't you ever compare Christianity and Islam's "God" together because those are two separate things. So when you say "Why would God support one sports team over another?" Obviously because we don't share the same God. Another thing "WE ARE NOT SUFFERING FROM THE LIBERAL ATTACKS". If you are getting that from article then that is not what the author was trying to say, I am a Christian and I am strong in my faith the liberal can attack me all they want, and i still will be on my feet. We can and we will defend our faith. You know I love it how you said that "you can't defend your superstitious nonsense and willful ignorance from reasoned argument expect more of the same". I can tell that you are a liberal. So if liberals are all about "anyone one can say anything, because its their opinion and no can say otherwise" then why are they using the word "ignorance". If i believe in what i believe then they nor you have no right to say the words that come out of my mouth is ignorant. That makes no sense. And the funny thing is that everyone who mocks Christianity usually will call the name of Jesus/God just before they are about to die because their scared of death.  This article was not a cry for help from Christians, the author was just mentioning about how the attacks of Christians has begun. I can tell you believe in sight and not faith, so I'am not surprise  if God never reveals himself to you. p.s.  The bible says during the end days Christians will be persecuted and mock for their faith just as Jesus had. So the fact that that statement is becoming true I can say that "I AM PROUD TO BE A CHRISTIAN AND THE WORLD MAY MOCK US HOWEVER THEY WANT, BECAUSE GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN ME THEN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD!" 

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