Healthcare Bill: The Fine Print Magnified

Does anyone actually have the time to prod through the convoluted text of Obama's proposed healthcare bill, HR 3200? Well at least I don't see myself getting cozy on my favorite chair with all 1,018 pages in hand. Fortunately for us, Peter Fleckstein has combed through every single page of HR 3200, summarizing the bill's shocking provisions! Here is a taste of his findings:

  • PG 30, Sec 123: Establishes a government committee that decides what treatments/benefits you get
  • PG 59: The federal government accesses your bank accounts for mandatory funds transfers
  • PG 65, Sec 164: Creates special, federally-subsidized coverage for Unions and "Community Organizing" groups
  • PG 124, Lines 24-25: Bans companies from suing the federal government, bans the entire judicial system from hearing any cases on the legitimacy of this blatantly unconstitutional socialist health care takeover (no judicial review allowed whatsoever)
  • PG 149, Lines 16-24: Imposes an 8% payroll tax penalty for any employer (making over $400k) who fails to force his employees onto government insurance....
  • Pg 241, Line 6-8: Mandates that all doctors be paid the same, regardless of specialty
  • PG 272, Sec. 1145: Cancer treatment rationing
  • PG 354, Sec 1177: Rationing of care for special needs people
  •  PG 425, Lines 4-12: Creates mandatory end of life consultation
  • PG 430, Lines 11-15: Puts the federal government in complete control of what care you receive at the end of your life




first that i have read on this. i know, its my own fault for not paying attention.  i pay enough for insurance now, but at least i know if my family or i need something done its going to happen not having to worry about what the government thinks should happen.  We elected them, they are to serve us.  The big man in the house is not who i voted for but he still needs to listen to all Americans not his corrupt cronies. H.R. 3200 is rotten and isn't for the people that are already paying for their insurance. There are other problems such as illegal immigration and state funded hand outs to people that just don't want to work that need to be dealt with before we worry about the government running even more things in our every day lives.

concerned American citizen

I would like to comment on recent comparisons between the US Postal Services and commercial (FedEX and UPS)

Q Can private insurance compete with a government run program?
A  Looks like it can where delivery of mail is concerned.  Yes, UPS and FedEx provide extended services for packages, but, if there were no USPS, who would deliver the mail? Do you think UPS or FedEx would take up the slack?  For .42 per letter?  Delivery 6 (or even 5) days a week?  And what about advertising?  

In the same vein, if  private insurance companies can offer better options than a public plan, I think it will be able to survive.

Q  Would a government run health plan be any good?

A  As with the public/private differences in mail delivery, the government plan would probably only provide for some basic coverage, but it would be more than those without insurance can now afford.  If you can afford more, you can buy more. (one of the stipulations I would want in any health care bill)

I would like the nay sayers to at least listen, and be willing to adjust their perspective, and not take on an attitude  when the President is willing to negotiate that 'we have him on the run'. 

We are paying for people who do not have health insurance now, through our emergancy rooms, let's improve the '(non) system' currently in place.

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