Congressman Gene Green (D-TX29) Speaks About Lame Duck Session, Tax Cuts and Dream Act (Video)

I spoke with Congressman Gene Green (D-TX29) at the Texas Redistricting Conference about the Lame Duck session of Congress, currently underway in Washington DC.  We discussed extending the Bush Tax Cuts and the Dream Act. We also discussed how his role changes after January 2nd when the new Republican Majority takes control of the Congress.

Congressman Green stated he would support basically anything the Senate could get 60 votes to pass. He almost admitted that increasing taxes would hurt the economy, but he backed away from a firm statement on that. He would prefer the extension of the tax cuts be limited to those making under $250K/year but would support whatever can get passed.

We talked about the Dream Act and the impact it would have on his district. I talked about how the Senate Democrats had used the Dream Act as a wedge tool, never intending to pass it, and the attachment of unacceptable amendments such as abortion on demand at military bases. I then asked him if he would be willing to vote for a Dream Act version that included increased border security as a condition for passing the Dream Act. Listen to what he had to say about that...

Finally, we discussed the changes that will take place after the new Congress convenes. He seemed to indicate he would rather work across the aisle with Republicans on some important issues rather than the current leadership.

Interview with Congressman Green


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