Construction Companies: When Will "Occupy" Protesters Show Up at Your Job Site?

While the "Occupy" movement protests broken labor ethics and a lack of U.S. jobs in New York's Zuccotti Park, there is a growing shortage of skilled craftspeople in America to work on building projects such as World Trade Center Tower 4, which is just a block away.  Jim Kollaer of makes the point that:

Many of the protesters in Zuccotti Park appear to be able-bodied.  Are they interested in learning the trade so they can work in construction or other trades, or are they more compelled to join the mob on the street and hold signs like “people before profits”, “stop corporate greed”, “this is real” and many other themes and grievances?

So far, most of the "Occupy" crowd's grievances are focused on Wall Street style corporate greed, but when will "Occupiers" start targeting construction companies for unlawful and unethical relationships with workers?  Kollaer asks the construction industry:

What about those contractors who do not pay overtime or provide benefits for their workforce?  What about those contractors who hire hourly or 1099 subcontractors or those who use labor brokers?  What about those sites where contractors hire undocumented workers?  How long will it be before the “Occupy” movement shows up to protest your site with signs decrying your greed and unethical labor practices?

Maybe if general contractors and developers take steps to correct these unlawful and unethical practices, then that would help make the construction trades more attractive to those healthy U.S. citizens protesting in the streets below?


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