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NOTE on San Pedro Playhouse ad for Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, the play by Terrence McNally, will open on June 17 and run until July 10 at the San Pedro Playhouse in San Antonio, Texas. Freedom of expression is being used to hide behind this ‘teachable moment’ of tolerance by depicting Christ as a queer. Plain and simple, it is a play that wants to continue perverting our mental image of homosexual life. Mixing religion and homosexuality makes for an appalling partnership. What does a homosexual have to do with Christ? And please don’t tell me I don’t understand!

It is the people in a community who decide what is acceptable or not. But it seems that in San Antonio there is not enough interest by the ordinary citizen in protesting this supposedly ‘great, successful’ play. This play is destined to enhance our perceived image of homosexuality…Right? The notion that this play is ‘reverent in retelling the story of Christ in a modern idiom’ should make every Christian cringe. The play was first introduced in New York City in 1998 by McNally, but not without controversy. McNally, born in 1939 in Florida and raised in Corpus Christi, has come home to roost. According to a review, McNally relives his tormented youth as a badly treated homosexual. It has taken over ten years for the play to arrive to San Antonio. Gee, just look how far we have come or how low we have sunk. If you happen to be someone that does not want this play to open, then of course you are labeled a homophobe.

Again, I urge every conservative to participate in the Arts in your community. Without participation you have no voice. Don’t expect to have the San Pedro Playhouse shut its doors on June 17 just because you want them to. If you want action, call the San Pedro Playhouse and let them know you are a frequent attendee to their plays and do not want Corpus Christi to open. And yes, the Archbishop of San Antonio spoke out against this play and so did eight other clergymen in an ‘Interfaith letter on the Corpus Christi Play’ to San Pedro Playhouse President Norbert Gonzales, Jr and Ms. Di Ann Sneed. This action has not stopped the play from opening. Could it be that the pleadings of our church leaders are falling on deaf ears?

Another option would be to contact your elected political leaders in the community to assist in closing down the play. In fact, where is the outcry from these political leaders? Let’s see who San Antonians might seek to ask, Mayor Julian Castro whose mother hates the Alamo, State Representatives Mike Villarreal and Joe Straus, State Senators like Jeff Wentworth who votes Pro Choice and Leticia van de Putte. Then there is Congressman Charlie Gonzalez who votes for tax payer funded abortion. Maybe Mary Alice Cisneros council woman from District 1 and graduate of Catholic institutions would be willing to help keep the play from opening. Her district includes the San Pedro Playhouse area and after all there are playgrounds surrounding the playhouse where children are at play. Let’s think this out. Wasn’t Mary Alice instrumental in bringing Pro Choice/Partial Birth Abortion Hillary Clinton to address the student body at St Mary’s University during the presidential campaign? Didn’t Archbishop Jose Gomez have to place a huge ad in the paper denouncing this action? Yes, these are the pillars of San Antonio, Texas, voted into office by the citizens of San Antonio. The elected officials are a reflection of the majority of the voters. If in fact, San Antonio wants ‘change’ then a good place to start would be with their elected officials!

In contrast to San Antonio, March of 2010 in Stephenville, Texas at the Tarleton State University this same play was cancelled due to the outcry of the residents and Christian and political leaders in the community. In San Antonio’s situation, it is difficult to tell if Corpus Christi is being shown at a privately owned playhouse or if the City of San Antonio owns it, but the playhouse is receiving funding from the city of San Antonio to the tune of almost $1 million.

So where is the outcry from the citizens who wish to stop the play from even opening? If taxpayers are funding this playhouse then they should also have a say as to what plays are presented. Yes, being an artist myself I understand very much freedom of expression. But I tire at the ‘art’ that is being promoted as such. I have often wondered why academia works so hard, writes so many essays trying to prove its point as to why it’s OK to demean Christianity. It is a shame that this is happening in the name of Art, tolerance and love. Only the citizens of San Antonio can make it happen or NOT!

Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantú speaks at the May 17 press conference.
Jordan McMorrough | Today's Catholic


The letter starts out with the first paragraph by saying: It is clear that freedom is fundamental to the creative energy and talent that shape the performing arts into an important exchange of ideas and beliefs. Artists from every form of media have enhanced our society from the beginning of recorded history. At the same time, we must not forget that freedom without responsibility and respect diminishes and demeans.

And ends with the last paragraph saying: Art in all forms should lead our society to a better understanding of all persons, not simply reinforce coarse stereotypes that fail to enlighten, but instead lead to disrespect and misunderstand. It is our hope that an arts institution of the stature of the San Pedro Playhouse will reconsider their decision to promote this highly offensive play.

In a recent review of the play, Fr. John Leies of the St. Mary’s University Theology Department wrote: "It would be a terrible breach of friendship and civility to present such a play that would be so disrespectful and hurtful to so many in the city, a play that would engender animosity and anguish because of its nature."



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