Democrats and Their Street Fight For Power in the Massachusetts Senate Race

This comment was recently sent in by a TexasGOPVote reader regarding the Massachusetts Special Election:

Don't forget the street people in the Democratic vote fraud.
In Washington State, the Republican, Rossi, won the election by a fair margin.
The Democratic incumbent, Gregoire, demanded a recount. Rossi still won the recount and Gregoire again demanded another recount.
This time, several thousand votes "magically' appeared for Democrat Gregoire (the ACORN people dragged out a bunch of street people, illegal immigrants, corpses, phony names, etc.), and had them submitted to the election officials (more lefties) who then narrowly declared Gregoire the winner by a handful of votes that were less than the margin originally won by Rossi.
It was one of the greatest election frauds in American history. Never underestimate the will of the Democrats to steal, plunder, defraud, kill, rape, maim, raise from the dead, invent names, etc., etc., to attain their objectives. Chicago mobster tactics that will never change until the American Electorate stands up to be counted and trounces them with an overwhelming majority too large to successfully dispute.
I have my doubts.

What he’s talking about is standard fare for Democrats. It’s a street fight for power. There are no Marquis of Queensbury rules. Republicans usually stand in an orthodox boxing posture and get kicked in the groin.

This is a message that should be stressed to the people of Massachusetts. I think it was Hugh Hewitt who said, “If it’s not close, they can’t cheat." A close election will see the kitchen sink thrown at it. Scott Brown should tell Massachusetts: “Two words: Al Franken.” After the initial count, Norm Coleman led Franken. After the recounting and the “discovery of lost ballots…”Hello Senator Franken. Minnesota must be so proud. Franken was a clever comic writer and player. But, he’s a political dolt. And, they criticize Sarah Palin, who went from Mom to City Council to Mayor to Governor to VP candidate in a handful of years. In that short time, she changed the political culture in Alaska, chasing the corruption from The Republican Party and, as Governor reworking the land leases of the oil companies to pay dividends back directly to the taxpayers. She raised the plan and EXXON protested. She said, “Don’t let the door hit you in the stern on the way out.” They changed their mind. Now, who do you want to deal with Iran? Her or Obama? For a stupid person, she moved and fooled a lot of people.

That’s right. Not to the state kitty: to the tax payers. When McCain selected her, she was the most popular governor in the country.


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