Balancing the Budget to Grow our Economy

This week, I’ll be voting to support the House Republican plan to balance our federal budget in ten years. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and the members of his committee have created a plan to rein in government spending, ensure a secure retirement for our seniors, and preserve opportunities for all Americans.

Not only is this plan the most responsible way forward, but it’s the only effort being made in Washington to balance the budget.

Although the President was required to send a budget to Congress nearly two months ago, we have yet to see it. However, we do know that it won’t balance, since he told House Republicans in a private meeting last week that addressing our deficits and balancing the budget weren’t his priorities. The Senate budget has more taxes, more spending, and no attempt to achieve balance. It calls for $1 trillion in new tax revenues and increases spending, adding $4 trillion more to the national debt.

The House Republican budget prioritizes economic growth, job creation, and reform. So, this week, I’ll be voting to cut wasteful spending, fix our broken, overly complicated tax code, protect programs for seniors, and create jobs. Balancing our budget should have a real effect on you—it will allow for the creation of 5 million more jobs and increase median income to more than $80,000 a year. I encourage you to learn more about the budget at, and by contacting my office with any questions.

Watch my remarks in support of a balanced budget on the House Floor.



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