Commemorating Startup Day

Last week, I visited local startup Bloom CoffeeWorks to commemorate Startup Day.

After deciding to create a coffee shop, the creators of Bloom CoffeeWorks, Sarah and Christian, could not find a retail location to fit their budget. After a conversation with the store director at HEB, an idea formed of putting a coffee shop in the store. They pitched the venture to the HEB board and came to an agreement to open a retail space within the HEB in Portland.

Since they opened shop in March 2016, they have been grinding (literally and figuratively!) to grow the business every day and are now in the process of opening their second location at the HEB Plus in Flour Bluff. What started as an idea has now grown to two locations and nine employees in less than two years. Small business startups like Bloom CoffeeWorks are crucial to the American economy, both in terms of job creation and innovation.

To read an op-ed I wrote about Startup Day, please click here.


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