Congressman Pete Sessions Statement on June Jobs Report

Today I released the following statement regarding the unemployment report for the month of June:

Month after month, the unemployment report reminds us that President Obama’s economic policies are prohibiting the growth we need to create more jobs. Additionally, the news last week that our quarterly GDP growth was revised downward from 2.4 percent to 1.8 percent highlights the harm that this Administration’s policies have done to our economy.

House Republicans have solutions for getting Americans back to work, one of them being to fully repeal the President’s damaging, unaffordable health care law. In fact, one in five small businesses have laid off workers while two in five have simply stopped hiring due to ObamaCare’s mandates, taxes, and regulations. This week the Administration acknowledged that ObamaCare is too complex and burdensome for businesses by announcing the delay in implementation of the employer mandate. It’s time for the Administration to join House Republicans’ efforts to get our economy back on track and help get Americans back to work by fully repealing ObamaCare.


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