Embrace the American Energy Renaissance

Today, I outlined his vision for unleashing American jobs and opportunity by harnessing our nation’s energy resources. He spoke at the Heritage Action for America’s 2014 Conservative Policy Summit.

A Great American Energy Renaissance is at our fingertips. There is only one thing that will stop us from embracing it to its full potential: the federal government. Nothing else will stop the next generation of American energy pioneers. It won’t be lack of determination, ingenuity, or grit. It will be some faceless bureaucrat who simply says, "You’re not allowed to do that."

Yes, President Obama should drop his political opposition to the Keystone XL oil pipeline. But we also need to think bigger than a single pipeline. Here we stand at the edge of an energy revolution that is sweeping the nation, providing an untold number of new opportunities and well-paying jobs.

The government will not solve our economic problems by controlling the economy or placing bureaucratic barriers to growth. The only thing that it must do is what it did in the Ronald Reagan era: get out of our way and let Americans do what they do best: dream, innovate, and prosper. It’s happening in Texas and its happening in North Dakota. Now, we just have to convince Washington to let it spread through the rest of America.

In the coming days, Sen. Cruz will present a bill outlining steps to expand energy exploration, stop harmful regulations, and eliminate barriers to trade and infrastructure development so as to allow the creation of private sector jobs and economic growth. Click to learn more.



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