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On Thursday, in a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, I pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland on his recent directive to mobilize the FBI against concerned parents at school board meetings, as well as the details...
Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to consider two federal court challenges to the Texas Heartbeat Act during an expedited hearing on November 1. In the meantime, the Texas Heartbeat Act remains in effect.
On Wednesday I spoke on the House floor to highlight October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As a child, I spent time in domestic violence shelters after me and my mother left an abusive home.Watch my full...
This legislation puts decision-making power at the local level and gives these leaders more flexibility to invest in the most critical projects for their communities, whatever those might be.
Proper implementation of the USMCA is a top priority and the U.S. must engage at all levels of government to ensure that the American people can reap the full benefits from this important trade agreement.
The Bible has a lot to say on the topic of immigration—with repeated commands to love, welcome, and seek justice for immigrants, and warnings of God's Judgement upon those who fail to do so.
Government exists to protect our liberty, not bury it alive under a pile of never-ending, unnecessary criminal laws. Federal politicians and bureaucrats have created innumerable crimes, and the result of this is overburdened...
Read Lt. Col. Scheller’s Statement at Special Court Martial Trial
I refuse to green-light these harmful proposals that unfairly target our energy industry, fuel further inflation, impose crippling tax hikes on American businesses, and burden future generations with unsustainable debt.
Fifty leading economists told Congress that legalization and citizenship will grow our GDP by $1.5 trillion, raise the annual wages of all workers by $600 and create more than 400,000 new jobs over the next decade. 
A pair of New York attorneys pleaded guilty to their roles in firebombing a police car in Brooklyn during a George Floyd protest in May 2020.
I am proud to join Sens. Blackburn and Cotton on this resolution to continue leading the fight for free speech on college campuses across Texas and the country, because the best solution for bad speech, is more speech—not...
The Biden administration on Wednesday unveiled its plan to 'quickly' vaccinate roughly 28 million children age 5-11, pending authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
As long as we depend on China and the rest of the world to keep our shelves stocked, our economic prosperity, our political liberty, and our national security are all in grave danger.
The Establishment Clause was enacted to protect the religious practice and expression of individuals and minorities from the preferences of majority rule, whether that majority be theist or atheist. The drafters never...
The mining and trade of illicit precious metals across the globe continues to pose a national security threat to the U.S. and our allies.
The bottom line is this: your health decisions are between you and your doctor, NOT between you and Joe Biden.
This escalation of bullying of the bravest and most self-sacrificing among us threatens national security.
Leader McConnell should have stuck with his pledge to not vote to raise the debt ceiling rather than aiding Democrats in racking up debt to fund tyranny over the minds and hearts of the American people.
Tuesday I spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives in opposition to the "Abortion on Demand" Act.



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