House Committee to Hear Misclassification Bill and We Need Your Help

stop employee misclassificationJust last week, our own Bob Price wrote about how our readers can make a difference when it comes to the fight against misclassification in Texas. Bob urged you to reach out to the state senators who are considering a bill by Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, that would impose penalties on companies found to be cheating on their taxes by misclassifying their workers.

Coming up this Wednesday, on the House side, a committee is going to consider the same language that’s in Sen. Carona’s outstanding bill and we need your help. The legislation does not add any regulations. It simply creates penalties for companies that are breaking existing laws.

Sen. Carona and Chairman John Davis, R-Houston, have shown principled, conservative leadership on this issue and we need to thank them for that. The other representatives who will be voting on this bill may not understand the importance of cleaning up the underground economy in Texas, so this is your chance to educate them. If you're against companies cheating the rest of us and making it nearly impossible for ethical businessmen and women to compete, please call these state representatives and ask that they vote "YES" on HB1925.

Chair John Davis: (512) 463-0734
Vice Chair Hubert Vo: (512) 463-0568
Rep. Paul Workman: (512) 463-0652
Rep. Cecil Bell: (512) 463-0650
Rep. Yvonne Davis: (512) 463-0598
Rep. Jason Isaac: (512) 463-0647
Rep. Jim Murphy: (512) 463-0514
Rep. Mary Ann Perez: (512) 463-0460
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez: (512) 463-0674




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