I am proud to have provided these funds for our hard-working men and women in blue. This funding will allow for better trained officers, better resources and ultimately, a better served community.
I am honored to have the first of these cutting-edge aircraft named after me, commemorating my years of strong support for their development and assignment to NAS JRB Fort Worth.
San Angelo is the economic hub of the Concho Valley, and I am proud to have worked to help secure this eligibility.
Abbott reiterated Tuesday that Texas schoolchildren will not face mask requirements as they return to school later this summer.
I am thrilled to see such a significant investment from HHS to Del Rio. As a former member of the San Antonio Head Start Policy Council, I understand how vital the Head Start programs are to ensuring our kids have access to...
Keep your saddle oiled and your gun greased because the “National Day of the Cowboy” – the fourth Saturday in July – is finally here.
In an interview with the Standard, the governor says he’ll call “special session after special session” until the Republican-backed legislation passes.
I am proud to have helped secure Wichita Falls’ eligibility for federal resources. The economic development made possible by Wichita Falls’ MSA status is an important way to help communities in TX-13 prosper.
They will eventually go home after the cameras leave and after the press loses interest in this political stunt. It's telling that these Democrats and this House of Representatives chose to race toward TV cameras in...
I am excited to see the inclusion of many helpful initiatives to our agricultural and rural communities in this bill.
Elon Musk knows a pro-business environment when he sees one, and in Central Texas, we pride ourselves in supporting free enterprise.
They are getting a crash course in Washington dysfunction and confronting the reality that their issues are not immune to legislative paralysis.
I am thrilled to announce funding for our water conservation infrastructure projects, energy research programs, and carbon dioxide removal resources.
Beckley unveiled her plans in a video filmed inside a hotel room in the nation’s capital, where House Democrats fled earlier this month to break quorum in protest of Republicans’ priority elections bill. 
At least five members of the Texas House Democratic Caucus who broke quorum and flew to Washington D.C. last week have tested positive for the coronavirus.
Too often, veterans in our rural communities are left behind after honorably serving our country. I am excited to see such a significant investment in this year’s Appropriations bill go to addressing the issue of veterans...
Abortion extremists are once again on parade to the courthouse in their latest attempt to block a democratically passed law because it dares to protect innocent, unborn children from the lies of the abortion industry.
In addition to the controversial voting bill, the agenda includes bail reform, restrictions on transgender youth sports participation, and funding for the Legislature itself.
Friday, I released a report detailing some of the successes of my first six months in office—specifically in energy, agriculture, and national security.
Shortly after landing in Washington D.C. in an effort to deny the Texas House a quorum to block a voting restrictions bill, House Democrats indicated they plan to remain out of state until the end of the special legislative...



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