Houston City Elections - Are Conservatives Serious About Keeping Texas Red?

Turn Houston RedThe City of Houston's city elections are coming up quickly. This election gives conservatives an opportunity to send a serious message to Battleground Texas that we are intent on keeping Texas red and will take action to do so. What is the action we can take now? Get out and vote!

Houston is a fine example of what happens to local government when left to years of liberal control and run-away spending. Our pension programs are driving the city's balance sheet to looking more like Detroit than Houston. It is getting to where you need a four-wheel drive vehicle in order to safely navigate our streets. Police response times have moved well beyond critical as our dwindling number of officers are continuously stretched thinner and thinner. Mayor Parker and City Controller Ron Green are spending money like their role model, Barack Obama.

Typically voter turnout in city elections is relatively small. This gives you, the conservative voter, a great opportunity to show up in numbers that will greatly re-shape the cultural landscape of the Houston City Council. Mayor Annise Parker, who is threatening to follow the lead of the San Antonio mayor if re-elected to her third and final term, is being challenged by a more fiscally conservative and more socially conservative Ben Hall. Her comments about passing a San Antonio style "anti-discrimination" city ordinance (anti free-speech ordinance) smacks of Obama's comments to Russian President Medvedev to just wait until after the next election where he will have more flexibility (because of not being under the scrutiny of having to be re-elected again). Mayor Parker would be similarly unrestrained if elected to her third term where she would be term limited.

Bill Frazer for City Controller

Houston currently has an attorney, Ron Green, as City Controller. With the financial mess this city faces, we need a CPA! Fortunately, we have one in the ballot as CPA Bill Frazer seeks to bring fiscal conservatism to the financial planning and reporting at City Hall. Green has had several years to tackle Houston spending, debt and pension problems and yet he has done nothing. He seems to be using the office more as a political stepping stone to try and succeed Mayor Parker in 2015 than he is interested in actually tackling the fiscal problems of our city. Bill Frazer has a proven record of being able to manage large financial budgets and has committed to more transparency in the way Houston's finances are run.

Kubosh-FletcherParticularly intereting in the races for City Council is Michael Kubosh's push to become a member of council for At Large Position #3. Kubosh is a solid social conservative who has proven he can build bridges to people on both sides of the political spectrum to build coalitions to accomplish goals. This is something a council member must be able to do in order to stand up to a mayor in Houston's "strong mayor" form of government. Kubosh is supported by one of Texas' most conservative State Representatives, Allen Fletcher. Fletcher received a 100% rating this week from Concerned Women for America. Kubosh is a business owner who understands how over-regulation by local government hurts growth opportunity and he knows how to stop the city from moving in the wrong direction as he did with the red light camera campaign.

Over the comming weeks, TexasGOPVote will take a deeper look into these and other Houston City Council races like District A where incumbent Council Member Helena Brown faces serious challengers in her effort to be re-elected to a second term. Her challengers include the former incumbent Brenda Stardig who was defeated by Brown in 2011 and retired police officer Mike Knox

District I is becoming an interesteing race where Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza's campaign in gaining momentum while her main challenger Ben Mendez is facing serious questions about comments about a rape victim's clothing. Whle the comments have yet to be verified, they have cost him the support of a key backer, Houston civic leader, Pastor Bill Lawson, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

Are we, as conservatives, serious about conservative government? If so, now is the time to take action. The deadline to register to vote in the November is just weeks away. Is your neighbor registered? Are the new 18 year olds in your house registered yet?  How about the kids on your block? Let's use this city election as a practice effort to get out the conservative vote and turn Houston red!  But more importantly, let's stop Houston's slide toward financial ruin.

Following is a list from the City of Houston website detailing all of the candidates for this year's election and the order in which they will appear on the November ballot:


  • (3) Cook, Don -- 7954 Glenheath, Houston, TX 77061, Phone: 713.705.5594, Email: zenblews@hotmail.com
  • (2) Dick, Eric -- 4325 Tulsa Road, Houston, TX 77092, Phone: 832.429.2990, Email:ericdickformayor@gmail.com
  • (4) Douglas, Keryl Burgess -- 5804 Bayou Bend Court, Houston, TX 77004, Phone: 713.819.9945, FAX: 713.589.6823, Email: keryl@keryldouglasformayor.com
  • (1) Drab, Charyl L. -- P.O. Box 690087, Houston, TX 77269-0087
  • (7) Fitzsimmons, Michael J. -- 4800 W. 34th St, Suite C-50L, Houston, TX 77092, Phone: 713.476.0733, Email:Houstonswp@att.net
  • (5) Hall, III, Benjamin L. -- 530 Little John Lane, Houston, TX 77024, Phone: 713.236.4255, Email:team@benhallformayor.com
  • (9) Jenkins, Derek -- 13600 Breton Ridge, Houston, TX 77070, Phone: 832.881.5451, Email:djenkins1326@yahoo.com
  • (8) Lane, Victoria A. -- 6131 Stoney Brook Dr., Houston, TX 77036, Phone: 713.550.7899, Email:Victorialane53@yahoo.com
  • (6) Parker, Annise D. -- P.O. Box 66513, Houston, TX 77266, Phone: 713.861.6464, Email:annise@anniseparker.com




  • (1) Blueford-Daniels, Katherine -- P.O. Box 1624, Houston, TX 77251, Phone: 713.594.5643, Email:mzkat@att.net
  • (4) Davis, Jerry -- 5517 Pickfair, Houston, TX 77026, Phone: 832.860.1766, Email: jvd@jerryvdavis.com
  • (3) Joseph, James -- 4206 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX 77020, Phone: 832.322.8428, Email:jjoseph23@hotmail.com
  • (2) Perkins, Kenneth -- 5714 Langley, Houston, TX 77016, Phone: 832.656.1062, Email: mrkrp@hotmail.com


  • (1) Cohen, Ellen


  • (6) Boykins, Dwight -- 315 W. Alabama Street, Suite 103, Houston, TX 77006
  • (2) Caldwell, Keith -- P.O. Box 331309, Houston, TX 77233, Phone: 281.330.7806, Email:Caldwell081@gmail.com
  • (7) Edwards, Lana -- P.O. Box 301118, Houston, TX 77230-1118, Phone: 713.203.1585, Email:lanacedwards@gmail.com
  • (12) Johnson, Ivis -- Phone:832.606.9713
  • (1) McGee, Travis -- 5747 Lakefield Drive, Houston, TX 77033, Phone: 832.488.7709, Email:mcgeetravis@sbcglobal.net
  • (8) McKinzie, Larry -- P.O. Box 14608, Houston, TX 77221-4608, Phone: 713.900.8683, Email:campaign@larrymckinzie.com
  • (11) Provost, Georgia Doyle -- 3821 N. MacGregor Way, Houton, TX 77004,Phone: 713.942.7374, Email:gdprovost@hotmail.com
  • (5) Richards, N. "Assata" -- P.O. Box 58636, Houston, TX 77256, Phone: 832.722.0404, Email:arichards@assatarichards.com
  • (9) Robinson, Anthony -- P.O. Box 331698, Houston, TX 77233, Phone: 713.777.8472, Email:robinson4districtd@gmail.com
  • (3) Sanders, Christina -- P.O. Box 14390, Houston, TX 77221, Phone: 281.895.3350, Email:info@christinaforhouston.com
  • (4) Smith, Demetria -- 7303 Calais Road, Houston, TX 77033, Phone: 832.883.7509, Email:dsmith9550@yahoo.com
  • (10) White, Kirk -- 5514 Griggs Road, #2523, Houston, TX 77021, Phone: 713.575.7832, Email:theprezd@gmail.com


  • (1) Martin, Dave -- 1 E. Greenway Plaza, Suite 225, Houston, TX 77046, Phone: 713.526.3399, FAX: 713.965.9076, Email: campaign@martinforhouston.com


  • (2) Hoang, Al -- 801 Congress, #350, Houston, TX 77002, Phone: 281.788.8486, Email:alhoang77072@gmail.com
  • (1) Nguyen, Richard -- 8115 Riptide Drive, Houston, TX 77072, Phone: 281.891.0579, Email:dandelion63@yahoo.com


  • (2) Pennington, Oliver -- 4617 Montrose Blvd., Suite C202, Houston, TX 77006, Phone: 713.598.7809, Email:oopennington@gmail.com
  • (1) Taef, Brian -- P.O. Box 820035, Houston, TX 77282, Phone: 713.422.3416, Email: brian@briantaef.com


  • (1) Gonzalez, Edward "Ed" -- P.O. Box 70683, Houston,Tx,77270, Email:info@edforh.com




  • (1) Green, Larry V. -- 2500 West Loop South, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77027, Email: attylgreen@aol.com




  • (1) Costello, Stephen C. -- 2211 McDuffie St., Houston, TX 77019, Phone: 832.563.2113, Email:scostello@coseng.com
  • (2) Griffin, Mike "Griff" -- 1925 Lexington, Houston, TX 77098, Phone: 713.526.7711, Email:mgriffin@kgriff.com


  • (3) Burks Jr., Andrew C. -- 315 Alabama, Suite 103, Houston,TX 77006, Phone: 832.426.4776, Email:burksforcitycouncil@gmail.com
  • (4) Gordon, Brent Trebor -- 10907 Gulf Bridge Circle, Houston, TX 77075, Phone: 713.213.2215, Email:Trebor@gordon4houston.com
  • (2) Rivera-Colon, Modesto -- 4630 Magnolia Cove #718, Kingwood,TX 77345, Phone: 713.732.7672, Email:Mod.rivera55@gmail.com
  • (1) Robinson, David -- 2514 Elmen, Houston, TX 77019, Phone: 713.907.8241, Email: dwr@raworks.com


  • (1) Batteau, J. Brad -- 3408 Delano St. , Houston, TX 77004, Phone: 832.283.5471, Email:JBradBatteau@yahoo.com
  • (3) Calvert, Rogene Gee -- 10850 Richmond Ave. Suite 100, Houston, TX 77042, Phone: 832.266.0561, Email: rogene@rogenecalvert.com
  • (2) Chavez, Roland M. -- 313 Byrne St. , Houston, TX 77009, Phone: 713.864.4271, Email:Rochav341@gmail.com
  • (4) Kubosh, Michael -- 1701 Lubbock, Houston, TX 77007, Phone: 281.594.7680, Email:michaelkubosh@gmail.com
  • (6) Morales, Roy -- 2450 Louisiana, Suite 400-224, Houston, TX 77006, Phone: 713.320.8167, Email:info@roymorales.com
  • (5) Pool, Jenifer Rene -- P.O. Box 572211, Houston, TX 77257, Phone: 832.689.9334, Email:jenifer@jeniferrenepool.com




  • (1) Frazer, Bill -- 5090 Richmond Avenue, #719, Houston, TX 77056, Phone: 713.429.1773, Email:bill@frazerforcontroller.com
  • (2) Green, Ronald -- 3401 Louisiana, Suite 105, Houston, TX 77002, Phone: 713.526.0166, Email:attyrgreen@aol.com



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