Pete Sessions Statement on June Jobs Report

Today I released the following statement regarding the June unemployment report:

While I am pleased that some Americans have been able to find work in the last month, Democrat policies continue to hinder the economy from the robust growth that would lead to long term dynamic job creation. 17 million Americans are unemployed or are stuck with part time work when they would like a full time job. Over half of recent college graduates are either out of work or have jobs that don't require a college degree. The American people deserve better.

Last week, the United States Commerce Department reported that our GDP shrunk 2.9 percent in the first quarter of this year, which marks the sharpest decline in five years. This steep drop underscores the necessity for Senate Democrats to act on the pro-growth, job creating bills that Republicans have passed in the House. I will continue to fight for common-sense legislation that improves our economy, creates good paying jobs, and helps provide the American people with the opportunities that they deserve.


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