Petition Against The Senate Redistricting Committee’s Map 120

The following plea was sent in from Donna Garner:

The Senate floor vote on the Texas State Board of Education redistricting map may come up as early as this Friday, 4.29.11. It will be invaluable for the Senators who sponsor the preferred SBOE E118 Plan to be able to say on the Senate floor that tens of thousands of Texans have signed the petition in support of the SBOE leaders. Please go to the following link to sign the petition. When you get ready to sign it, please wait patiently for the link to open up. Also, please forward this e-mail to your Texas friends and neighbors.

On 4.27.11, Sen. Dan Patrick was the only Republican on the Senate Redistricting Committee who voted NO on the rogue Map E120. Patrick spoke out on behalf of SBOE 118 and has promised that he will bring that map to the floor of the Senate. Patrick also spoke out against the changes in Map E120 made to SBOE member Charlie Garza's district and decried the unfairness of taking Midland County out of Garza's district.


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