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Austin, TX — The 2022 General Election concluded Tuesday night in Texas. The vast majority of votes are tallied, and many results can be confidently concluded, especially for the statewide races. Texas...
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On October 22, 2022 the small town of approximately 10,000 people, Robstown, Texas hosted a Trump Rally at Richard M.
In the recent legislative session, state lawmakers approved two new bills that will lower school property taxes and limit the rise of other property taxes in Texas, at least until the next legislative session.
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Cities and Counties in Texas will still be able to tell private employers that they must provide paid sick leave, something Republicans in the Legislature failed to rein in this year. The Texas House on Sunday effectively...
This is an amazing story of how a Texas photographer/writer was able to attend a fundraising luncheon for the president of the United States, Donald Trump.
Under its new Speaker Dennis Bonnen, the Texas House of Representatives is looking to increase the state’s public education funding by $10.1 billion, according to the legislative budget estimates it released t
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It should be clear to everyone, because of the efforts of President Trump and our Republican lawmakers, Americans are now paying less in taxes. As promised, President Trump is bringing jobs back to America. He is removing...
In a move many business leaders called “long overdue,” Texas House Speaker Joe Straus has announced a new panel of lawmakers will consider what policies need to be in place – and what kind of policies should be rejected – in...
The first collapse of the so-called "bathroom bill" in May laid bare an escalating feud in Texas between ascendant social conservatives and moderate Republicans, and the mutual distrust only seemed to deepen over summer....
"A lot of people felt that the bill itself, on its face, is not necessary," he said. "It's a solution looking for a problem."
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Texans head to the polls today to elect the state’s governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general — and more — for the next four years. Several local and regional races are also on the ballot, including a handful of...
Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is “done in Texas,” Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said in response to the Democratic presidential candidate’s promise to confiscate AR-15s.
We are very pleased with the gains made. This was another successful session for mothers, unborn children, and vulnerable patients.
Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Dennis Bonnen
Months ago when the Big Three first unveiled this session’s signature property tax “relief” bill, and remember it was introduced as the “Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2019,” they were flanked at a news conference by...
Texas Capitol and Austin downtown from above
There’s new life to an effort to ban local governments in Texas from requiring that private employers provide paid sick leave.
While it’s never easy to predict the unpredictable 140-day legislative sessions, here’s what to watch for as the 86th Texas Legislative Session gavels in.
An inscription on the cenotaph reads: In Memory of the Heroes who sacrificed their lives March 6, 1836 in the defense of Texas. They chose never to surrender or retreat; these brave hearts with flag still proudly waving...
The Texas Legislature concluded its 140-day regular session at the end of May with sensational pro-life successes. The Legislature passed six pro-life bills, continued to fund alternatives to abortion and continued to defund...
 The biggest problem is the Texas proposal is completely unnecessary. Why, you may ask? Because what Kolkhorst’s bill claims to prevent is already illegal.
With pro-life Republican Governor Abbott at the helm, and pro-life Republicans Joe Straus and Dan Patrick leading in the House and Senate, Texas continues to set the standard for protecting the unborn.



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